Friday, August 31, 2012

Oxygen Product: OxyLift and Donating Blood

I just went to give blood today, and around me I am watching others give blood. Healthy, oxygenated blood is a bright red color, and unhealthy blood is a dark color, I don't know how to describe it, maybe dark reddish brown? I was very pleased that my blood was a bright red color today. Only one other person there had bright red blood. The rest of the people I noticed had dark blood. I also had an amazing hemoglobin count (14.9) and my blood pressure was 120/65.

My blood used to be dark red when I donated. And I used to barely be able to have my hemoglobin high enough to even be able to donate. Sometimes my blood pressure was very low (80/60 was common for me!) I was turned away more than a couple times because my body just wasn't up to par. This was all before I started Purify Your Body and changed my lifestyle to accommodate good health.

I am 37 years old, nearing middle age, and I can say healthwise I am in better shape than I can ever recall. Unfortunately I have back problems due to dumb accidents of my youth, and sometimes have problems sleeping through the night. But otherwise I feel great.

I take the OxyLift supplement every day. I know I should take it 3x a day, but I normally take one large dose every day. I think that is one thing that has helped my blood be rich in oxygen. I also take OxyEarth and OxyFlush every evening before bed.

Taken directly from Oxygen America's website (that is where I get my products from) it says this:

Before you fill your body full of other supplements consider this ... The oxygen we breathe is chock-full of pollution accumulated over the last two hundred years. The food we eat comes from soils that have been zapped of much of their nutrients due to overuse and abuse.

It's like this - bacteria, viruses, fungi and all sorts of nasty things that can cause your health to deteriorate can't survive in an oxygen rich environment! Energy = Oxygen. This isn't 'rocket science'.

But you just can't take active oxygen and mineral supplement just once and expect it to perform miracles. This is a long-term fight.

Oxylift Proprietary blend Ingredients
Purified Ionic Ocean Plant Mineral Complex
Purified Water {Subtle Energy Enhanced & Ultra Purified}
Oxygenating Blend { Citric & Gluconic Acids, Rice Vinegar& Hydrogen Sulfate}
Amino Blend { 17 Amino acids]
Enzyme Blend { 4 enzymes}

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