Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Salt Water Sole' -- My Solution For General Anxiety Disorder

 I recall being very young, maybe kindergarten age or a bit younger. There would be nights when I thought my heart was going to stop beating, and my pulse was racing. I was so afraid to fall asleep, because I thought I wouldn't wake up. I was convinced I would die in my sleep.

Suffice to say, I have always had issues with sleeping!! Can you imagine?

I would sneak into my dad and stepmom's room on the nights that it was really bad. My stepmom would wakeup and tell me that I wasn't going to die, so "go back to sleep and don't wake dad up, because he needs his sleep since he has to go to work in the morning".

Now, I understand that my dad had a lot of stress, sure, the early 80s had a recession going on and he was worried about losing his job. He had lost his high school sweetheart to cancer a few years before (my mom), and almost lost his own life due to an infected tumor in his head the same year my mom died. So I can understand my stepmom not wanting to worry him with this. However, I WAS JUST A KID AND HAD NO CLUE THAT WHAT I WAS EXPERIENCING WAS ANXIETY AND PANIC ATTACKS.

I never received any treatment or acknowledgement for my anxiety. I lived my whole childhood with it without anyone to care about these symptoms I was exhibiting. Thankfully, by my teen years I was able to live a full life of extra curricular activities, and because I was so competitive in sports and academics, I ignored symptoms and pretended they didn't exist. 

When I got to college, they came back. I was having a hard time sleeping. I would finally fall asleep between 3-4am after being so exhausted but forcing myself to stay awake so I wouldn't "die in my sleep". 

I have found that many people feel the same way. It's awful!

In my adult life I have had quite a few panic attacks that ended me up in the ER. As per their protocol, they do a CBC blood panel. It took me awhile and it was only after a naturopathic doctor (ND) got me to start taking salt water sole', that I fit the pieces together.


I started taking salt water sole' and found that I had basically gotten rid of my general anxiety throughout the day. And if I started feeling a panic attack coming on, my husband would bring me the salt water and I would drink it, and the panic attack would go away.

I know there are hereditary issues associated with GAD (general anxiety disorder). There are MAO and COMT genetic mutations associated with anxiety and depression. I am grateful that I do not suffer from depression. But I know the ins and outs of anxiety very well. And while I don't know why I have low sodium, I do know that increasing my sodium levels helps with my anxiety.

My sodium levels were never "below" 130 mmol/L (range on my lates labs is 134-144 mmol/L) and currently are 138 mmol/L. This is with drinking 3 TABLESPOONS of salt water sole' per day, plus having bags of Celtic Grey Salt everywhere in my house -- in my purse, in my church bag, next to my computer in my office, in the living room on the end table, and next to my bed. I have little baggies of Celtic Grey Salt all these places, and munch on it throughout the day. 

I don't eat a lot of processed foods, so I probably use salt in my cooking liberally compared to the average person.  And still my sodium levels have never been above 140 mmol/L. 

I want to add that I do take potassium, as well as drinking electrolyte mixes after I do a sauna. I know that our bodies are very aware of the electrolytes and imbalances can cause a LOT of health issues, including even death. There was a radio station in California, maybe 20 years ago, that had a competition to see who could drink the most water. Because electrolytes weren't given, the lady who won ended up dying from low sodium levels (hyponatremia). I believe it caused her to go into cardiac arrest. (You can read an article about it here). 


So.. on to the salt water sole' and how I make it. I use Celtic Grey Salt but you can use ANY HEALTHY SALT THAT YOU HAVE!!! I buy it by the bucket, but it appears that a recent TikTok video that went viral talked about its benefits and it is out of stock everywhere. But you can use Himalayan Sea Salt, Redmond's Real Salt, whatever you want.

I use distilled water, but you can use any filtered / purified water or even Spring water. 

I use a pint sized canning jar with a plastic lid. Metal will rust / oxidize because of the salt. 

I fill it up about 1/4 - 1/3 full of salt, then add water. I shake it to mix it up, and then set it down on my counter. Throughout the day I will shake it. By the next morning, if there is no salt left on the bottom, I add more and do the same process. Usually if you fill it 1/3 full there will still be salt at the bottom the next morning. I have never not had this be the case. I don't use big chunks of salt like some people do. There is no one way that is better than another. 

The whole purpose is to allow the water to reach maximum saturation of the salt. The salinity of the water cannot get any higher. This water is the sole' water. 

And you take some of this sole' water and add it to regular drinking water, and drink it. Drinking it first thing in the morning actually wakes up all your cells! My doctor explains that it is a way to re-hydrate your cells on a cellular level. 

This is inexpensive. This is NOT harmful. This is very healthy, very easy and the results are AMAZING. 

I take 3 tablespoons per day in a glass of water. I don't drink it all right away, but throughout the day. Others start with less, even 1/2 tsp. Work your way up to what you feel is best.

Every person who has tried this on my recommendation has seen benefits. But many people haven't tried this after they asked for recommendations. I don't understand why. It is SO SIMPLE. It doesn't cost much money and most likely might not cost anything if you have the salt already. And it WORKS!! Everyone can benefit. 

PLEASE NOTE: Anxieties caused by PTSD and trauma are different than general anxiety disorder. This may help, but I can't give personal experience on that. If this applies to you, I am sorry for the experiences you went through and hope you can heal. <3 

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