Monday, August 27, 2012

A product testimonial for the Detox Foot Patches

Here is a testimonial from one of my customers who is sick with Lyme disease. She is doing much better now.

"I use the detox foot patches at night, sometimes just one on a foot area corresponding to the place that hurts, often an ache or pain in shoulder, knee, or wherever. In the morning I usually find that my discomfort is either gone or much lessened.  Now I have a knee issue from Lyme disease and, once I found the correct placement for the pad (I had been putting it too close to the middle sole), my knee feels less tight today and walking stairs is easier than it was yesterday. It keeps getting better without medication when the doctor's said it wouldn't!  I gave some pads to a friend staying with me who is being treated for cancer & she said her feet felt better than they had been feeling, and when she did a lot of walking in the days afterward. When I dumped the garbage her pads were very dark and toxic. My own have lightened with time/use unless some new health problem occurs; then they are temporarily darker for a short while while I detox again."