Friday, November 29, 2013

Differences Between the Flu and a Cold and how to Stay Healthy

So many people don't understand the difference between a cold or the flu (influenza). And many times they say they have the stomach flu, which is misleading. When you have "the flu" you don't have stomach symptoms (diarrhea or vomiting). Vomiting and diarrhea are most always caused by either food poisoning or a stomach bug/virus, NOT a flu virus.

Here is a chart that shows different symptoms for colds, the flu and allergies, to help you identify what one you may have. They are not always accurate, but for the most part this chart is a good guide. But in order to be 100% positive in identifying the flu, you need to go to the doctor and get tested.

But until then, the best ways to prevent the flu are:

1. Get adequate vitamin D3 and K2
2. Get plenty of rest
3. Drink plenty of liquids
4. Eat well (one of the best things for boosting your immune system is fermented food products like cultured sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, kimchi, etc).
5. Detox those toxins out of your body (yes, my detox foot pads!)

If you get the flu, here are some tips:

1. Homemade bone broth. This is important. Store bought broth will not do the trick. You will be amazed at the healing properties
2. My detox foot pads again, of course!
3. Vitamin C and Zinc.
4. Elderberry syrup
5. Manuka honey
6. Essential oils (for viruses and colds and flus I recommend lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, frankincense and cloves -- be sure you use them properly)

Feel good this season. Stay health and keep your family healthy. Best wishes for an amazing holiday season.


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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Your Feet: The Gateway to Detoxifying Your Body

Maintaining a high level of health can provide benefits that are both seen and felt. Even leading a healthy lifestyle, however, will not keep toxins from building in the body. These enter into the body as food and drink are consumed and as air from the toxic world is breathed into the lungs.

The human body was made in a way that would allow it to remove many of the toxins that it would come into contact with naturally. However, in today's toxic world, the sheer volume of toxins that are in the environment can quickly overpower the body and cause toxic buildup. Those toxins remain trapped in the tissues of the body, as well as in the liver until it is able to remove them naturally. Using detox foot patches can help to speed up the process of detoxification and allows for an increased level of health.

When research is done, it will be seen that there are a lot of detox foot pad reviews. Some of those reviews are going to be from those who have actually used the pads to their benefit. There are also going to be skeptics, who are quick to debunk the benefits of detox foot pads. In many cases, those skeptics are doing nothing more than parroting flawed information. The beneficial reviews are from those who have used these detoxifying pads for themselves or who have proven through scientific research that toxins are indeed removed from the body when they are used.

Why Are the Feet Targeted?

The feet are often used in natural health to target various parts of the body. This is seen in many natural practices, including acupuncture and acupressure. Even the modern-day practice of reflexology is based on principles that the reflex points in the foot correspond with the workings and other structures that are elsewhere in the body. Does it work? According to a clinical trial which was referenced on the Victorian Government Better Health Channel website, a 62% reduction in premenstrual symptoms was seen in women who used reflexology (Source: Obviously, the foot is a gateway to many other parts of the body and using detox foot pads can help to remove the toxins that are trapped in the tissues in those other areas.

Choosing Detox Foot Patches

There are a variety of options that are available for detox foot patches. It is necessary to look at the benefits that they provide and to choose a high quality product that contains the natural ingredients which will help the body detoxify. By using these patches regularly, various toxins can be removed from the body, including chemicals, metabolic waste, parasites, cellulite and heavy metals. The effects of those toxins on the body are undisputed. Various health issues, from acne to cancer have been associated with toxicity in the body. By taking the simple step of applying a detox foot pad to the bottom of the foot, the body can be free of those toxins.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Creating Resistance - Using Cinnamon For The Flu?

This picture, though handmade, has a lot of truth to it. We’ve been discussing in the last two posts some of the things we are up against every day and how detoxing using our foot pads can dramatically improve health.
So why can’t we just get the flu shot and forget about it? Sounds like the easy answer. I’m not going to write about whether or not you should get the flu shot. That is a personal decision and one that I hope is paired with researching the pros and cons.
What I will discuss today are some of the “Lost Remedies” that date back to the 1800s that are starting to show their face again.
In the book, “Dissolving Illusions” by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystrainyk, 2013, p. 427-8, they discuss remedies for the flu that date back to 1899.
In 1899 Dr. C. G. Grant observed that cinnamon protected from malaria. He recommended it for intestinal problems, typhoid, and influenza.
Cinnamon is recommended as an internal antiseptic by Dr. C. G. Grant (British Medical Journal). When in Ceylon he discovered that persons working in cinnamon gardens seemed to be immune to malaria. On the trial he found it valuable in gastroenteritis, recurrent boils, and, he thinks, in typhoid fever. He was astonished by its wonderful influence in influenza, and earnestly recommends its free use by others.
In 1907 Dr. Ross reported on his use of cinnamon oil for 16 years to help patients quickly recover from influenza. Weeks of illness from the flu were reduced to three or four days.
Ross states that for nearly sixteen years he has employed cinnamon in various forms in treating this [influenza] disease, but for many years now he has always employed the oil of Ceylon cinnamon bark…We of all of us have heard only too often of bad cases of influenza where the unhappy patients have been confined to their beds or their rooms for a fortnight, three weeks, a month, or even longer…he has invariably treated influenza with cinnamon, his patients have generally been perfectly fit to return to their avocations, whatever they may have been, within three or four days, and that in no single case has a person suffering from influenza been on his hands for more than a week.” *
*”Cinnamon Oil in the treatment of Influenza,” The Kansas City Medical Index-Lancet, vol. XXVIII, no. 1, January 1907, p. 92.
Dr. Humphries later states, “It is difficult to know exactly why cinnamon was so helpful, but today we do know that it possesses many beneficial properties, it is an antioxidant, and contains vitamins A and C and minerals like zinc, potassium, magnesium, and manganese.” p.429
Why can’t we find a medical doctor like these today?! That’s a discussion for another day. In the meantime, create resistance easily by purifying your body with detox pads while you sleep, get sufficient rest, and don’t be too stressed out about the flu. Try cinnamon as they did in the past, the side effects are better health and resistance.
Here’s to a healthy “Flu Season”!