Friday, August 31, 2012

Oxygen Product: OxyLift and Donating Blood

I just went to give blood today, and around me I am watching others give blood. Healthy, oxygenated blood is a bright red color, and unhealthy blood is a dark color, I don't know how to describe it, maybe dark reddish brown? I was very pleased that my blood was a bright red color today. Only one other person there had bright red blood. The rest of the people I noticed had dark blood. I also had an amazing hemoglobin count (14.9) and my blood pressure was 120/65.

My blood used to be dark red when I donated. And I used to barely be able to have my hemoglobin high enough to even be able to donate. Sometimes my blood pressure was very low (80/60 was common for me!) I was turned away more than a couple times because my body just wasn't up to par. This was all before I started Purify Your Body and changed my lifestyle to accommodate good health.

I am 37 years old, nearing middle age, and I can say healthwise I am in better shape than I can ever recall. Unfortunately I have back problems due to dumb accidents of my youth, and sometimes have problems sleeping through the night. But otherwise I feel great.

I take the OxyLift supplement every day. I know I should take it 3x a day, but I normally take one large dose every day. I think that is one thing that has helped my blood be rich in oxygen. I also take OxyEarth and OxyFlush every evening before bed.

Taken directly from Oxygen America's website (that is where I get my products from) it says this:

Before you fill your body full of other supplements consider this ... The oxygen we breathe is chock-full of pollution accumulated over the last two hundred years. The food we eat comes from soils that have been zapped of much of their nutrients due to overuse and abuse.

It's like this - bacteria, viruses, fungi and all sorts of nasty things that can cause your health to deteriorate can't survive in an oxygen rich environment! Energy = Oxygen. This isn't 'rocket science'.

But you just can't take active oxygen and mineral supplement just once and expect it to perform miracles. This is a long-term fight.

Oxylift Proprietary blend Ingredients
Purified Ionic Ocean Plant Mineral Complex
Purified Water {Subtle Energy Enhanced & Ultra Purified}
Oxygenating Blend { Citric & Gluconic Acids, Rice Vinegar& Hydrogen Sulfate}
Amino Blend { 17 Amino acids]
Enzyme Blend { 4 enzymes}

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Detox Foot Pads Work Well On Children

One thing that many people ask me is if the detox foot pads are ok to put on children. YES! They are! And for everyone who is interested, it is a good idea to have your children wear them. Even infants can. 

Kids are exposed to so many toxins (just like adults are) but they are still developing their immune systems, and developing mentally and physically, so it is even MORE important for them to not be exposed. Some things that cause a lot of toxic buildup in children can include the flame retardant pajamas they wear (yes!), most infant formulas, processed foods (chicken tenders, mac and cheese, juice (high fructose corn syrup), fruit snacks and other supposedly "kid-friendly" processed snacks including Goldfish. The list goes on and on...

I don't want to go on about vaccinations and genetically modified foods, and how the incidents of children with ADHD, ADD, Autism spectrum disorder, and learning disabilities has skyrocketed recently, you already know about all of that. But why risk our children's health?

So, feel free to use the detox foot pads on your children. You can put one along the length of their feet, and many young ones have such tiny feet a single foot pad can give them a whole body detox. If the foot pad is too big for their feet, have it wrap over their toes. A customer told me that she put them on her son's feet, and he was able to sleep through the night (sorry mom's with babies, this was on an 8 year old boy... I would be a millionaire if it helped newborns sleep through the night!) He went from being disruptive and not paying attention in class, to being attentive and polite. It was the lack of sleep that made a difference for her son, she told me. Such a great thing for her.

I still recommend pregnant and breastfeeding women to ask their doctor before use. I am not a doctor nor can I dispense medical advice legally.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Detox Foot Pads a Scam?

There are many people out there that believe that detox foot pads are a scam. These people are even in the "natural health" community, and should be more open to alternative methods of getting healthy and staying healthy. But there have been reports on news channels that supposedly "prove" that the foot pads don't work.

I did write a blog post about this topic a few months back, but I wanted to expand on one facet of it right now.

One thing that many "unbelievers" say is that the foot pads react to the sweat coming from your feet during the night. I know that there are people out there that sweat profusely, but I am not one of them. I couldn't imagine sweating the amount of sweat that would be required to fill my detox foot pads with all the goo that they are filled with, come morning. My hubby's feet sweat, but even then they are just clammy, not dripping with sweat.

Now, I haven't consistently worn my foot pads in YEARS. Back in 2003-2004 I was wearing them quite often. They started out dripping with goo but then gradually became lighter until I was detoxed. Then, I would only wear them a couple times a month, and sometimes even then I wouldn't wear them. So the toxins built back up over the years... (simple math, more input of toxins, less output.) Since I have been doing a big social media push (please visit my Facebook page and become a fan!) I decided I would commit to wearing them consistently until they become clean again... so that is what I am doing. I am almost 2 weeks into wearing them nightly, minus a couple nights that I forgot. The pads have gradually gotten lighter in just a mere two weeks.

I also took pictures. Here is a picture of my first night.

And here is a picture of last night (about 11 days of wearing the foot pads.)

I have pictures of all of the days in between, as they gradually get less toxic each day. If the foot pads turned dark because of sweat, then why aren't they the same consistently? Why do they end up with no goo on them when I am all detoxed? That argument to try to prove that the detox foot pads DON'T work just doesn't hold water.

Yes, it is true that if you place the foot pads under water, they will turn dark. But the consistency is different than when you put them on your feet. They are herbs, of course they are going to turn dark like a tea bag turns dark when you seep it in water. But the goo that ends up on them after wearing them is thicker.

So hopefully when people wonder if detox foot pads are a scam, they can take some logic and put it into their decision making process. Purify Your Body's detox foot pads are the highest quality on the market, and they DO work. I offer a money back guarantee, and BELIEVE in them. They don't have any fillers like competitor's brands, and I don't rip you off. I provide a good quality product, no fillers, etc. I want to tout that my ingredients are all natural, and some are organic. But my competitors do that, as well... of course these ingredients are all natural. You wouldn't put synthetic herbs into a tea bag, would you? Nope. Tea is natural, too. The herbs in my foot pads are natural, as well. That is a given.

So, try them out. Request a free sample from me. Like Purify Your Body on Facebook. Read the testimonials. I promise you they are not faked. They are real people with real experiences. I haev over 5,000 customers worldwide who love my foot pads. I have companies around the world re-selling my brand of foot pads. I have people using them for many different things. Some are really sick and they find relief with the foot pads. Others, like me, don't have any chronic illness but yet want the health benefit of keeping toxins out of my body.

I sleep a LOT better when wearing foot pads. I feel better when I get more sleep. Many people report this same thing. And, a free sample isn't going to hurt you. So go to my website and go to the contact us page. Put in your mailing address so that I can mail you out a free sample. Try them. See what they do for you.

And thank you for trying them.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A product testimonial for the Detox Foot Patches

Here is a testimonial from one of my customers who is sick with Lyme disease. She is doing much better now.

"I use the detox foot patches at night, sometimes just one on a foot area corresponding to the place that hurts, often an ache or pain in shoulder, knee, or wherever. In the morning I usually find that my discomfort is either gone or much lessened.  Now I have a knee issue from Lyme disease and, once I found the correct placement for the pad (I had been putting it too close to the middle sole), my knee feels less tight today and walking stairs is easier than it was yesterday. It keeps getting better without medication when the doctor's said it wouldn't!  I gave some pads to a friend staying with me who is being treated for cancer & she said her feet felt better than they had been feeling, and when she did a lot of walking in the days afterward. When I dumped the garbage her pads were very dark and toxic. My own have lightened with time/use unless some new health problem occurs; then they are temporarily darker for a short while while I detox again."

Friday, August 24, 2012

Detox foot pads for other areas of your body?

About 7 years ago when Purify Your Body was not even a year old yet, I had one of those "kitchen accidents" which resulted in a very bad cut at the base of the middle finger on my right hand, and a badly sprained hand. After a visit to the hand surgeon to fix the soft tissue that allowed me to move my finger, it was starting to heal; Except my hand was stiff and sore and swollen, even months after the accident.

Now, at this time I felt I was pretty confident in my knowledge of what my detox foot pads could and couldn't do, and I always told customers to put the foot pads on the feet, or other "blood rich" places on the body. For example, they wouldn't work on the bony knee, but in the back of the knee they should work. They won't work on the elbow but maybe on the inside of the elbow. Or the tops of the feet where there is not much flesh, etc. Or, on the back of my hand...

But, I decided to try placing one on the back of my sprained hand. (I had no open wounds, it is advised not to place the foot pad on any skin that has an open wound). Within 2 HOURS the foot pad was leaking with goo. I got up and took it off, washed my hand and then went back to bed. But that was not expected. My hand is bony! I had been telling my customers for about 9 months now that something like that wouldn't work. So, the next night I decided to do a test. I put a foot pad on the back of EACH hand. Sure enough, in the morning the pad on my right hand was leaking out from all the goo that was coming out, but my left hand's pad didn't have a single spot of goo on it. It looked brand new.


After a couple more "tests" just to make sure I wasn't imagining things, I made my conclusion that the foot pads will work on inflamed and swollen areas of the body even though that may be an area that the foot pads normally wouldn't work on.

My hand was not stiff in the morning anymore after a couple weeks of using the foot pads. But even after one use I could feel the foot pads working. I have since put them on my husband's elbow after a particularly grueling workout at the gym (he trains with an amateur MMA team). I have tried them on my dad's knee when he injured it and it was swollen. I even tried it on one of my foster dogs who had surgery and his knee was swollen. Since the vet had shaved the area, the foot pad was able to stay on. In just a matter of hours the foot pad had a lot of goo on it, from the dog!!

The main way the detox foot pads work is to pull the toxins out via your lymphatic system (through the acupressure points on your feet. But, they are very good at pulling the "stuff" out of any inflamed or swollen area, as well.

And while my hand seems to work fine now, I still don't have total feeling in that middle finger due to the nerve damage that I suffered. It is what they call hyper sensitive. I can feel when I rub my hand over it, but the sensation is very different compared to normal skin. And if I get pricked there with a needle (when they do the hemoglobin tests, for example) it is extremely painful superficially. But, I am not limited in any way from my kitchen disaster... (a shelf in the cabinet fell on me, I instinctively grabbed a glass -- I don't know why, maybe trying to keep the shelf from falling? who knows why we do things in the split second of that moment -- and my hand swung back and hit the cupboard door as it was falling, which  broke the glass and the jagged edge cut my finger. It all happened in an instant. And glasses and dishes kept falling, but the only broken one was the one in my hand. And I didn't even like those glasses.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

OxyFlush Colon Cleanser

My detox foot pads are my most popular product, but I do offer a few other products as well. I am a big proponent of oxygen and this combination of the three oxygen products that I carry is just amazing. Here is my favorite one:

Mr. Oxygen's® OxyFlush®

OxyFlush Colon Cleanser

70% of Your Body's Immune Defense Is In Your Intestine!
Want to clean your bowel and intestines but don't like having to taste powders and lemons? OxyFlush® is the answer.

Get it ALL out. Especially useful if you are taking another oxygen supplements throwing out wastes that need elimination. Special powerful colon oxygenator/ozonator/cleanser in convenient take-along-anywhere vegetable capsules!

Plants use magnesium to carry oxygen. Magnesium based oxides and ozonides release oxygen and ozone throughout the digestive system and beyond so the body can flush away accumulated toxins and mucous plugging up your cellular membranes and elimination systems.

Can also be used as a simple stool softener, just take less!

OxyFlush is not like other common colon cleansers. Magnesium is the carrier, but it's the ozone and oxygen that do the work.

There is no electrolyte loss or weakness. Some assume that all colon cleansers cause electrolyte loss without understanding OxyFlush is different. This was because old-fashioned cleansers like Milk of Magnesia pull salts from the blood to cause a flushing in the colon.

Unlike stimulant, or irritating, or slightly toxic colon cleansers, OxyFlush not only cleans the colon, but the small intestine, the large intestine, and the colon. It does so by simply oxidizing impacted fecal matter. This means simply removing hydrogen bonds in the waste. It does NOT produce diarrhea. It simply turns solids into liquids and gasses; it breaks down waste into liquid and gas and expels it. There is no big electrolyte loss as with other cleansers. There has never been a case of dehydration or electrolyte imbalance as long as you drink plenty of water. Taking extra water will definitely further help improve your cleanse. Be consistent with using it.

Combine OxyFlush with OxyLift and OxyEarth for the most amazing simple and powerful wellness program ever invented.

Take these three every day without fail for months - and you may find this is all you need, and that everything else is just so much hype.

For a real detox (you'll see what we mean), take more, and take it more often.

And whenever we do that we're so full of new energy that we suddenly remember the feeling and remember how toxic and slowed down we have become living here, and when that layer of slime covering all our cells is oxy-bubbled away we realize how easy it is to get our natural energy and immunity back through active oxygen intestinal supplementation.

Complement the detox foot pads

These oxygen products work extremely well along with the detox foot pads -- if you try these three products every day for a month, along with detoxifying with the detox foot pads, you will see an amazing change in your life and your health!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Detox Foot Pad Review

I received my foot pads in the mail today and after a busy day I put the recommendation of three on each foot. A few minutes later I felt a tingling in the bottom of my feet where the pads are attached. I am currently assuming that they are working from this tingling. We will see in the morning. :)

When I got up and stepped on the floor the bottoms of my feet were squishy. When I took the detox pads off I could not believe my eyes. There was not a dry spot on the pads. In fact some areas were glistening wet with toxins that had been in my body. It took me a couple of days before I tried it again, mostly because I was in disbelief about the results. The day after my first use I felt better physically and mentally than I have had in a long time. My ankle that usually swells when I am on it for long periods of time was only slightly swollen at the end of the day. I know that would not have been the case, without the use of the purify your body detox foot pads. Thank you Rebecca for a terrific product!

-Michelle P., WA

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Foot Detox Patch Review

I ship a lot of my foot pads to Australia and New Zealand, they count for almost 50% of my international shipments. I have this picture in my head that they live such healthy lives over on the other side of the world, compared to us here in the U.S. :)

One of my Australian customers posted this on her Facebook page and also emailed it to me. I just love hearing things like this:

"I have been super impressed with these detox foot patches! I have bought high profile competitors products locally and overseas only to discover that they were full of fillers and not nearly as effective. The alternative health market is a huge maze and it is hard to know if you are dealing with the genuine article or not. It is very easy to get disappointed and feeling like you have been swindled...This company, however sells the best I have tried compared to highly commercialised footpatches. The business owner's journey to health recovery is a genuine advertisement for this product, she was so impressed she now sells it so other people can benefit. I have been blessed to do a transaction with this company, and would highly recommend them to you. "Purify Your Body" is one of the most authentic products on the market, you have to do your research with natural health nowadays as the footpatches tend to be inferior & substandard quality and costly! This company does not fill with vegetable dextrin etc and has transparency with the proportions of ingredients included in the patch. If other companies don't do a percentile breakdown of ingredients on the promotion of their footpatches, then it is a scam! This is a slowly emerging small business model but it guarantees potency on their footpatches which you won't generally find on the market today. You deal direct with the vendor and they include a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee which other patches you buy from health food stores don't. So if you are looking to detox and want a genuine article then please go to this website and get footpatches that do what they say they do! I was so pleased with them that I wanted to share with all my Facebook friends." - Customer in Australia

Yes, I do list all my ingredients and they do not contain fillers. I tell you what percentage each ingredient is and it adds up to 100%. The factory I use to make my foot pads is audited, and also registered with the FDA. I pay a LOT more to make my foot pads than my competitors do. I have factories/companies overseas emailing me telling me they can make the patches for as low as $0.08 each. I pay a LOT more than that, because I want quality ingredients that are guaranteed. I can only imagine what ingredients they use, and what they put in their foot pads. No thank you. My customers are more important to me than that! And there are other companies out there that have a great foot pad, similar to mine in quality. But mine are the cheapest foot pads out there on the market. Why? Because I am a one person show, I do this more as a "hobby" than to make a buck. I will keep giving good deals as long as I don't LOSE money I am happy.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Detox Foot Pads - a testimonial

Here is an email I received a while ago from another long time customer of mine. I can't stress strongly enough how many heavy metals we are exposed to in our daily lives. When I got my foot patches tested years ago, they showed a high amount of cadmium in them. CADMIUM?? How the heck did I get that in my body? Some of the main sources of exposure include fertilizers, cigarette smoke (I never smoked in my life), some paints that artists use, and batteries. So ok, maybe I sucked on some batteries as a baby... I don't know. But a more recent test showed that it wasn't an issue anymore (after using the foot pads).

"My name is Paul and I work at place that produces a lot of heavy metals. Plus all the Aerosols the Airforce sprays on us. I like to ride my bike around town and sometimes I breath in the polymers the Airforce sprays on us. I love the detox foot pads it helps me be less toxic - at night when I go to bed I just put them on. Plus it really helps me sleep better . I take a lot of anti fungals from having yeast problems . The detox foot pads help with my detox symptoms and speed up the process, and that saves me a lot of the pain. This will be part of my life of getting healthy. I highly recommend this product! It has made such a difference in my life so far."  -Paul in KY

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Fronto Temporal Dementia

I just want to write a quick post about how disease, illness and cancers can affect not only the person diagnosed, but the family as well. My step mom has been diagnosed with FrontoTemporal Dementia (FTD) last November. I call her my step mom here just to note that we aren't blood related, as this does have somewhat of a hereditary factor. (I do worry about my half brothers and sisters, though!) She has been my mom and main caretaker from the time I was 3 years old, until as an adult, she became my confidante and friend.

FTD is not characteristic of Alzheimer's and age-related dementia. It is different, and usually hits people at a younger age than you would normally think. My mom is only 62. She was the one who got me interested in natural health when I was younger. She would tell me that since my mom died of cancer at the age of 31 (she was diagnosed when she was pregnant with me), I better take extra good care of my own health. If it weren't for her, I would never have started Purify Your Body.

We abruptly uprooted ourselves from MN to move to UT, to be closer to my dad to help out where we could.

Yesterday we had another appointment with the neurologist, to follow up. I don't know what I was expecting, but my dad for sure was hoping the doctor would tell him they found a miracle cure, or some way to stop the progression of this disease. He really wasn't ready to hear that there was no cure, no way to stop it or slow it down. Needless to say, he is in deep mourning. He lost his first wife to a 3 1/2 year long cancer battle, and now, 35 years later he is facing a different kind of battle -- watching his wife slowly decline mentally. Maybe quickly, not slowly, as she is now to the point where she has to concentrate hard to remember your name.

We don't know what to do, what to expect, and how we are going to cope. Life really throws you curve balls sometimes. I wonder if she had too many heavy metals in her body. She never chelated or detoxed herself. Whenever I would give her supplements or even my detox foot pads, she always gave them away to someone who needed them more than her. She was so kind and generous.

As we fight this battle, I pray that none of you have to go through anything like this. She is now in a moderate stage of the disease. Her attention span is so short, and she is starting to adamantly refuse to do things like showering. But, she is happy. She laughs a lot, she dances, and giggles. She is still a very beautiful woman. And she is healthy, too. Except for the brain atrophy in her frontal and temporal lobes.

So, my whole point of writing this is to tell you that this affects all of us, as her family and loved ones. It is hard for us. I don't know what else to write, because most everyone knows how hard it is for the family members when a person is ill. I just needed to get this out, maybe to help me mourn.

Be thankful for every minute, every day you have with your loved ones.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Migraine Relief from Detox Foot Patches

I used to suffer from migraines A LOT for about 18 years. Then, I found the detox foot patches. I loved them so much, they made such a difference in my life, that I started my own company selling the foot patches. However, it was a difficult 18 years. My migraines were the common migraines you get with the aura, then the pounding headache that feels like those ice cream headaches you get when you eat too much ice cream too fast? Except they lasted days. And my life was where more than 50% of the time I was suffering from a migraine. That is no way to live.

I have been able to figure out my triggers, which helped. I found out that the two biggest triggers for me were aspartame (nutrasweet) and MSG (monosodium glutamate). After reading more about these two chemicals, I found out they fell into a category called excitotoxins. Basically, they enter the blood brain barrier, and cause your brain cells to go berserk and eventually die off. (Ack!) I read somewhere once that MSG is what scientists have used on lab rats to DECREASE their IQ!! Holy cow, and we are putting that stuff in our bodies on a daily basis! And, we are feeding it to our kids, who are still developing mentally. Yikes. And that is just MSG. Aspartame has the highest rate of complaints of adverse reactions according to the FDA. It originally was created to be an ulcer drug, but the testing on it didn't pass, because of too many side effects. The story goes that a scientist dropped some onto a table, and put his hands on it. Later, he licked his finger only to find that it tasted super sweet. So they decided to re-submit Aspartame to the FDA for approval as an artificial sweetener, and sure enough, it passed!! Migraines are one of the top adverse reactions, along with epilepsy, dizziness, anxiety, depression, irritability, brain lesions, MS-like symptoms and the list goes on and on...

So, I stopped drinking diet pop, heck, I stopped drinking soda pop altogether. I started reading food ingredient lists, and not purchasing foods that have MSG in them. But those toxins (years of use) were still in my head, causing my migraines. So that is where the foot pads come in. I started using the foot patches and within a month my migraines started decreasing dramatically. I used to get 1 or 2 migraines a week, they were awful. Now, I maybe get 1 or 2 migraines a YEAR. And they are very mild compared to what I used to get. I feel so much better as a result, and I am so thankful.

I do recommend using them for at least one month straight, and putting them on your toes as this picture shows:

It would be better to use them for 2 months straight, if you can. And then wear them 2x per week for a while, and then you can slow down to once or twice a month for maintenance. If your migraines start coming back, start wearing the foot pads more frequently.

Remember to also decrease your aspartame and MSG consumption. That will greatly benefit you!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Diatomaceous Earth (Fossil Shell Flour) Health Benefits

I was going through my "drafts" folder in my email application, and found this, which is something I took off of various websites over the years. Unfortunately I don't know which websites they were (so if it is yours, please email me and I will give you the proper citing and link to your site).

Diatomaceous Earth

Food grade diatomaceous earth has excellent health benefits for humans. Taken daily, it helps eliminate worms and parasites from the body and keeps the bowels clean. Food grade DE is also known to sweep some bacteria out of the system. Most people who consume food grade DE take it on a daily basis, ourselves, employees, and children included. DE contains 15 naturally occurring minerals that are excellent for the body. These minerals promote healthier, shinier hair, skin and nails.
NOTE: ALL references to diatomaceous earth on this page refer ONLY to FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth, unless otherwise advised. NEVER use pool filter grade or diatomaceous earth internally or in your home or on your animals, unless it is FOOD GRADE!

First, in an effort to save time and repetition realize there is a bunch of essential food grade diatomaceous earth information on our other web pages in the link box above. This webpage will NOT duplicate the information found in the webpages above, so please read the information on those webpages for more information about the health and natural insecticidal benefits and the many uses of food grade diatomaceous earth.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is a natural powder that works in a purely physical/mechanical manner, not ‘chemical’ and thus has no chemical toxicity. Best yet, parasites don’t build up a tolerance/immunity to its chemical reaction, so rotation of wormers or chemical insecticides is unnecessary AND food grade DE has NO odor.

How do I take food grade diatomaceous earth?

People are always asking me, how to take diatomaceous earth. There is NO one perfect way to take DE. I KNOW you are already disappointed with this fact, as you were hoping there was ONLY ONE "Perfect" way to take it. (Sorry 'bout that) Everyone's' preferences are different. Some people take 1 heaping tsp. in a glass of water prior to each meal, 3x/day and swear by DE's wonderful health benefits. Others take a heaping tablespoon just before bedtime, figuring it's best to take it away from food because of its detox benefits. Others take it in the morning in their juice. Still others put it in their protein drink, smoothies, morning coffee, etc. Whether you take DE once/day or 3x/day, everyone reports effectiveness and better health.

"I" take 2 tbsps. of DE daily with a very small amount of water, just enough to make it fluid (like water). I'm not interested in tasting the DE in a full 8 ounce glass of water. I stir it up well and immediately consume before the DE has a chance to settle at the bottom of the glass. I don't care for the taste of DE in my orange juice, but others like DE in their juice.

DE doesn't taste bad, nor nearly as horrible as many herbs taste. It tastes like dirt to me (now you're wondering if I run around eating dirt...). Okay, so I do, especially that wonderful rich smelling soil! :o)
Numerous people advise that their Iridologist or Natural Care Physicians muscle test them with DE and find that their bodies test VERY strong for it which means they need the DE. Then of course, they ask them what it is and then these natural care professionals contact me for more information about food grade diatomaceous earth.

Many women advise their hair has never been so soft as it is now since taking DE. Others advise of cleaner complexions, when previously they had acne trouble. Still others notice an increase in energy levels and others advise it keeps their bowels clean.

Many of our diatomaceous earth customers, including myself, had fed diatomaceous earth to their animal companions daily for years. And then one day, we all figured, gee, we're giving this to our furry and feathered family members to help keep them healthy and parasite/worm free, maybe we should take it ourselves and reap the same benefits...not sure why it took so long for the "light bulb" to go on, but at least it finally did.

Some people do notice funny, strange, or gross things in their bowel movements. Some choose to look and others don't want to know. Obviously, this is a personal choice for each of us to make, but the bottom line is it is effective in increasing our health status, as removal of internal parasites and worms will allow us to more properly absorb the nutrients from our food, as the worms/parasites will not be eating our food or sucking our blood.

· DE manufacturers who work in diatomaceous earth mines 5 days/week advise inhaling it is not a problem (though of course, don't be snuffing it) and we have not had problems when inhaling DE in small amounts. IF you have asthma or some other lung ailment, either wear a mask or be very careful when using food grade diatomaceous earth.
· Do NOT get diatomaceous earth in the eyes. DE is drying to the eyes, so do NOT put it out when you or your pets are down wind of it. DE is drying to your skin, hands, and feet, just as it can be to your pets.
· Do NOT use heavily in carpet. Some advise too much DE causes vacuum problems.
· NEVER use pool filter grade DE around animals. It can poison or kill them.
· Some people experience a healing crisis (detox reaction) when beginning DE consumption. If this occurs, reduce the dose, till your body is cleansed, and then increase to the RDA.
· Remember, DE will kill beneficial insects as well, so use accordingly.

· Natural dewormer – eliminates many parasites without chemicals
· Safe, non-toxic, parasites don’t build immunity as they do with traditional wormers
· 15 trace minerals – great for animals, humans, plants, and soil
· No feed withdrawal for milk or feed animals
· Decreased mastitis
· Reduced scours
· Decreased mortality
· Better feed conversion
· Helps detox heavy metals, E.coli, bacteria, viruses, etc.
· Promotes shinier coats
· Digestive aid
· Colon cleanser
· Better production
· Better overall health
· Eliminates pests in stored grains
· Reduces flies, fleas, ticks, etc.
· Reduces manure odor
· Drying agent
· Reduces moisture and pests in barns, coops, kennel, litter boxes, compost piles, & other moist areas
· Antifungal properties – good for garden fungal growth
· Reduces overall animal stress
· Cost effective
· DE health benefits mean reduction in vet bills and disease-ease

DE’s minerals are great for the yard and gardens.

Apply DE to ant hills. Small ants may require a few applications to completely eliminate them, as they burrow new hills elsewhere, after we cover their initial hill with DE, but if we keep at it, eventually they disappear. Big ants are eliminated within two applications of a reasonable amount of DE applied to their ant hill. Ants in trash cans can be controlled by either painting DE around the bottom of the trash can or sprinkling it dry around it. They’ll go elsewhere, as they do not like walking over DE. Of course, you will need to find their home to completely eliminate them, but it will keep them away from areas you put DE. Sprinkled around the house foundation keeps new crawling insects from coming inside. 

We mix food grade diatomaceous earth with water to paint our fruit tree trunks with it, like a white wash. The DE keeps ants OFF our fruit trees. 1 cup applied to ½ gallon of water works well. Be sure to stir frequently as the DE settles to the bottom. Good as a white wash for wood fencing too. 

1 to 2 cups per gallon of water can be used to apply diatomaceous earth in a backpack or hose end sprayer for problem infestations of mites, aphids, fungus problems, etc. Food grade diatomaceous earth will turn whatever you paint or spray with it white – so it may look like a “white” winter at your place. 

Food grade diatomaceous earth will not destroy earthworms, if applied to the top of the soil in worm farms and the worms are allowed to work it into the soil on their own. It is actually beneficial to the worms and compost just make sure to allow the worms to do the work and not bury them in the DE.

OUTDOOR BUGS AFFECTED BY DIATOMACEOUS EARTH: Ants, fire ants, caterpillars, cut worms, army worms, fleas, ticks, cockroaches, snails, spiders, termites, scorpions, silver fish, lice, mites, flies, centipedes, earwigs, slugs, aphids, Japanese beetles (grub stage), bed bugs, fruit flies, corn earworm, cucumber beetles, corn borer, sting bugs, squash vine borers, thrips, loopers, etc., etc.
Pests that lay eggs may require a second application to catch the hatching eggs.

MINERALIZATION: Natural food grade diatomaceous earth contains 15 trace minerals: calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, copper, zinc iron, phosphorous, selenium, etc. People note shinier coats, better overall health, better production, etc. in their animals who are fed food grade diatomaceous earth regularly.

FLY CONTROL: Used daily, DE helps eliminate our fly population here used in conjunction with beneficial/parasitic nematodes in wet or moist garden areas. Sprinkle DE on livestock when flies are present. Dust barns, coops, after mucking and throw on top of manure/compost piles. We feed it daily to all dogs, cats, fowl, and livestock, so it comes out in the manure of each animal as well and prevents flies from growing in the manures.
Farmers hang burlap bags full of diatomaceous earth for the cattle to rub against and keep themselves dusted, which eliminates flies and other pests that land on them.
Diatomaceous earth can be put in a backpack sprayer mixed with water to spray your barn or coop buildings. Reapply DE when rain or water washes or wind blows it away.

GRAIN STORAGE & PROTECTION: Codex food grade diatomaceous earth is a healthy non-toxic alternative to chemical contamination of stored grain. When the grain is to be used, food grade diatomaceous earth can be easily removed, but need not be. Since it is “food grade”, makes no difference in taste or cooking quality, and adds 15 trace minerals. Suggested grain storage use: 1 cup of DE will protect 50 #’s of grain -- 5 cups of food grade diatomaceous earth will protect 300 #’s of grain -- 7 lbs. of DE will protect 1500 #’s of grain or seeds. One source advises only 1 to 2 #’s of DE per ton of grain.
A study done by ACRES, USA, Inc. advised that after 12 months of storage, the food grade diatomaceous earth treated material had 15 insects, compared to 4884 for malathion and 16,994 for untreated grain.

MORE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH BENEFITS: Food grade diatomaceous earth has been reported in scientific literature to absorb methyl mercury, e-coli, endotoxins, viruses (including poliovirus), organophosphate pesticide residues, drug resides, and protein, perhaps even the proteinaceous toxins produced by some intestinal infections. Food grade diatomaceous earth detoxes.
There are some features about food grade diatomaceous earth that correspond with its ability as both a digestive aid and a colon cleanser. The honeycomb skeletal form of diatomaceous earth is found, under microscopic evaluation to reveal a tendency to become filled and clogged with hard debris such as intestinal scale. Food grade diatomaceous earth has not been found to cause any insult to the mucousa or barrier wall. 

Diatomaceous earth has a negative charge and bacteria has a positive charge, wherein it is believed by some that food grade diatomaceous earth sweeps bacteria out of the body by trapping it in it’s honeycomb shaped skeletal form. 

There is no withdrawal period when given to milking or feed animals. No toxins. Decreased mortality, increased milk production, decreased mastitis, better feed conversion.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Behind the Detox Foot Pad Scene at Purify Your Body

Behind the Detox Foot Pad Scene -- Who Am I? A REAL Person who CARES about YOU!

I really notice how many customers keep coming back to purchase my foot detox pads because of my customer service (and my superior product of course!) We hear these days that customer service is MANDATORY, and you can't use that as one of your value propositions for your business. But too many companies fail at this. Kinoki, one of my competitors whose foot pads contain up to 50% fillers (cornstarch), has horrible customer service, and rarely even get back to customers who have questions. I hear this complaint from new customers all the time, and how relieved they are to talk to a REAL person, or get a response quickly. If I am awake, I usually get back within hours, if not minutes. Whether it is via email, a phone call, a Facebook message, or even a Tweet, I have great response times. I love happy customers, so I do what I can to make them happy. And, people are so easy to please if you have a great product at a great price, and provide good customer service. It helps that I care about people so much, and it reflects in my business :)

When you contact Purify Your Body you are contacting me -- as I am the only one here (every once in a while if I have to travel, my sister fills my orders for me, but she has even a kinder heart than I do!) And although I don't remember everyone's names and orders, I do try! I have over 5,000 customers worldwide and ship a LOT to Australia, Canada, The Netherlands and the UK. But still most of my orders are being shipped to the U.S.


Here I am a couple weeks ago at a family reunion.

"As you know I have been using these for years and have turned so many people on to them.  We are just LOADED with toxins.  Comes at us from all directions and these are truly amazing. Everyone who has tried them tells me they are astonished by how much better they feel.  I use two on each foot at night and within a week I feel so much more energetic. And you have been so wonderful to deal with -  always accessible and helpful.  Such a pleasure to be able to connect directly with the owner of a company in this day and age!"
-Stephanie O, MD

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Foot Detox Pads Can Help With Allergies & Congestion

Yet another testimonial for how the foot detox pads help with allergies and congestion. I know that while I have never experienced allergies, I do get a cold once in a while (I have 17 nieces and nephews that love to hug and kiss me!) and wearing the foot pads help me have just a mild cold vs. a full blown out virus coursing through my body. My immune system is stronger because it is not overburdened from the toxins that I expose myself to everyday. Instead, they are pulled out at night by the foot pads, and my body can focus on keeping itself healthy!

"I have used the foot pads several times and they have been fantastic! I struggle with allergies; my eyes were always watery, I used to be congested all the time. Since I have been using them, I wake up in the morning and allergies are gone!!! I am not congested anymore, I can breathe properly...they are great! they definitely work for me! This is an amazing product. If you are skeptical, you just have to try them to see for yourself. I love them!"
-T.R. in Chapel Hill, NC

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Detox Your Body to Help Get Rid Of Sinus Infections

I know I wrote a while ago about how detox foot pads can help you lose weight. I am finding that common when I talk to my customers. They can also help when you have a cold, flu or sinus infection. Here is one customers' testimonial:

"I recently had a sinus infection (or so they kept telling me). I went to the doctor three times and the third time was a different doctor. After three rounds of antibiotics, two shots, and a steroid I was still up most of the night coughing and carrying on.

I had a couple of packs of the foot pads left and decided to try them. OMG! I slept soooo good. It's been a week now and I still have a little sinus trouble but it is so much better than it was.

I have also noticed I seem to shed a few pounds while using these, now if I could just get myself to wear the foot pads more consistently as I have been this past week, I know I would feel much better all the way around!

Thanks Purify Your Body! I will definitely be ordering in the next week or so!

TJ from MO"

Saturday, August 11, 2012

6 months now since my move

It has been a little over 6 months since we uprooted ourselves from a northern suburb of Minneapolis, MN and moved to a small town near the border of Idaho, in Utah. We made this move to be closer to family, after my mom's diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia (at age 62!)

My company has allowed me to work remote, so besides the drastic change in scenery and culture, there has been a drastic change in my work habits. I don't have to commute 25 miles to get to work anymore. I get up, do my morning chores, get ready for work, and sit down in my home office. I still am able to do all my responsibilities and in some ways I am more effective than I was in person. Less distraction, more focus.

But it is still a big change. Every morning before I left for work I would log onto to read the headlines. When I first moved out here, I still did that. I needed to keep in touch with that life I just left. I followed the news stories as if I were still there. Now, 6 months later, I log onto the Star Tribune maybe a couple times a month.

I also listened to K102 on the radio exclusively. In fact, I didn't even know any other stations out there in Minnesota. So, I listened via computer here on so I could still hear the familiar DJs and the morning show. Within a month or so that dwindled, until I no longer listen to them anymore.

I realize how life changes, gradually. I don't consider myself a complete Utahn yet. I still spent the majority of my life, including my birth and all my childhood, in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I really still consider myself a Californian. 27 years is still a long time. I was only in Minnesota for 10 years.

But it scares me just a little bit how the past is slipping away from me. I am making new daily habits, new friends, and am doing new things.

And, I am thankful for Facebook so that I can keep in contact with my friends from MN. Even though we may not talk every day, I can read their status updates and they can read mine, and we know what is going on in each others lives.

But, the best (and hardest) part is I get to see my family more. Hard because I see my mom mentally declining, when she was sharp as a tack my whole life. After spending an afternoon with her I am so emotionally drained and depressed. It is so hard to see this unfolding, not knowing how quickly or how slowly it is going to progress, not knowing what we will do a month from now, a year from now... etc.

I do enjoy being able to see my siblings, and I love the area we are renting in. I love the ducks, especially the newborn babies, and I love being able to garden and grow things. The sun sure shines down on us here, and the plants just love to grow. I love the mountains, and the weather. (did I just admit that?) I feel healthier out here than I did in Minnesota. Maybe it is because I am now able to find time to go to the gym to take classes and work out. Maybe it is because I am near family, and that usually helps lessen stress. Maybe it is because I am growing a lot more food, or have more time to cook meals from scratch instead of eating out all the time. But whatever it is, I am grateful that amongst the added burdens that have been placed upon my shoulders, I also have been given additional blessings to compensate.

I don't know what the future will bring. But I will have faith that it is where I am supposed to go. 

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Can Detox Foot Pads Help Insomnia?

I have included another testimonial about how well the detox foot pads help people sleep better. I know this from experience, and while I don't wear my own detox foot pads as often as I should, I did wear them last night. I didn't have to use any sleeping pills and was able to sleep in until 7am. I usually wake up between 2 and 4am not being able to get back to sleep. I know I need to use them more often. Now that I work from home I have more time in the morning to be able to take them off my feet, so I will be using them more.

sleeping peacefully when wearing detox foot pads

Here is the testimonial. If you are having trouble sleeping (which in itself can lead to many health issues) I would recommend trying these detox foot pads out.

TESTIMONIAL: "When my daughter brought over the detox pads I was a little skeptical, but I am one of those people that's not afraid of trying new things.  Not knowing what to expect, I was amazed at the transformation of the pad in the morning. This was probably about 5 years ago and I still use the detox pads.  I sleep much better when I use them. . .I wake up refreshed and ready to face the day.  For me it's a more natural way to get a good night sleep vs. taking a pill.  I've tried other brands but I always go back to Purify Your Body detox pads! They are the best!"  

-Margaret from Ridge, NY

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Friday, August 10, 2012

How to wear the foot detox patches

 Most people wear their foot pads across their feet on their arches, as the picture shows. According to a reflexology chart, this area correlates to our internal organs including our liver, kidneys, gall bladder, spleen, and upper digestive tract, including our stomach.


One of the best places for me to put the foot pads is on my toes (see image). This area correlates to everything from your neck up, including thyroid, ear problems, TMJ, dental work (the mercury in your fillings), headaches, migraines, sinuses, and on and on... Those places are where I have most of my issues,


The balls of your feet (between the toes and the arches) are a good place for you to put the foot pads on if you are suffering from asthma, bronchitis, allergies or any lung disorder like phenumonia or emphysema.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Do Detox Foot Pads Work?

If you are wondering "Do detox foot pads work?" then read on...

Many of my dear customers who purchase my foot pads tell me they are able to sleep better, and are more rested when using the foot pads. I even had a customer tell me that she had an elementary school-aged son whose school performance was dropping because he was exhausted and couldn't sleep well. IT was leading to his misbehaving and acting up, too!

She started putting the foot pads on him and the difference it made was remarkable, within just a few days. He slept through the night and was able to be refreshed in the morning. That helped him to be able to focus on school, and the concentration helped him bring his grades up and it was just a happy ending to what could have been a child who got shuffled around, maybe labeled as having learning problems, and his life could have ended up so differently.
Here is another testimonial from a customer who just started using them last month:

"I've used the Purify Your Body detox pads for several weeks, and it has helped me to feel more rested upon waking. And judging from the dark gunk that formed on the pads, the pads must have done their job! After a few days, the pads got less dark, so they really do help to get rid of toxins. If you're on the fence, I suggest that you give it a try."
- Jonathan H. from Ephrata PA

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is your body in toxic overload?

A great testimonial from another long time customer:

"I have been using detox footpads for several years now to relieve my body of toxic
overload, which resulted in terrible itching at night (with no visible cause or cure)
among other effects of toxic overload that affected my temperament, complexion, and

From the very first night of using Purify Your Body detox pad, the itching was relieved
and I was able to sleep all night again!

Since then I have continued to use Rebecca's pads in because obviously they WORK !!
but also I have never bothered to try others because of Rebecca's excellent customer service
and response time if I have a question or an order.  My orders get here faster from Rebecca
consistently than any one else I order from even now that she is on the other side of
the country!

I have also used Purify your Body pads from time to time when pain has occurred, I get fairly
severe lower abdominal pain if I get dehydrated and if I put a pad on the spot that hurts
the pain goes away in just a few moments.   I also used them after breaking my pinkie
finger to relieve the nagging pain that cropped up the following winter, after several nights
of wrapping a pad around the finger I never had pain in it again!"
-Terri D., Ohio

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another detox foot patch testimonial

This testimonial is from a long time customer in Pennsylvania:

"These foot pads are fabulous!  Any area of the body that I am having discomfort in, I place them on the corresponding place on the foot, and the following day, it feels better.  It is really that simple.  They have helped to clean out all sorts of toxins in the body.  And it is not just something that you see on the pad in the morning, it is something that you feel in the body in the morning too. 

I have tried many kinds of foot pads and these are by far the best.  I will only use these.  The others that I have tried are a waste of money."

-Melissa Evans, PA

Remember, SOCIAL10 is the coupon code to use upon checkout to get a 10% off discount on the foot pads!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Detox Foot Pads for Migraines

Here is one of my many customers who found relief from her migraines with my foot pads:

"I have been having migraine headaches for years and take prescription medicine for them.  I decided to try the Purify your Body Detox Pads to see what would happen.  At first I did notice I just felt better with more energy.  Then after about 12 times.  my next headache was so much less severe.  Then  I went a lot longer without having one.  It is amazing what a difference it has madefor me.  Since I couldn't afford to buy as many as I wanted I spaced them out more, but they still continued to help! These are the best ones I have tried, and are reasonably priced."

B. King, TN

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lead Poisoning

Lead Poisoning
Lead is one of the more dangerous heavy metals to humans. (Others include Mercury, Cadmium and Arsenic). The problem is, it is everywhere! We import $366 BILLION of our consumables each year. Other countries don't have as stringent standards (ok, China) and we have had many recent recalls due to contaminated baby formula, toys, pet food, and more. We can't trust that our lives are going to be lead-free. But we can do our best to make sure our bodies are. My detox foot pads have been proven to pull lead from children, and within weeks the symptoms go away. The foot pads also pull other heavy metals out of the body, and work amazingly well with other chelation therapies.

Remember back in high school when you were studying history, the Europeans thought tomatoes were poisonous for the longest time, because whenever they would eat a tomato dish, they would get sick? They blamed the tomatoes. Instead, they later realized that the lead dishes they were eating off of, were the cause of it. Since the acidity level in tomatoes is high, it was leeching the lead from the dishes, and as a result, sickening the people who were eating.

Here is the list of symptoms of lead poisoning from the Mayo Clinic. I am taking it directly off their website because they have phenomenal research capabilities, are trustworthy, and their website seems easier to read for me than WebMD. And, since I lived in MN for 10 years, and was only 2 hours from them, I feel somewhat of a bond!

What is scary about lead, is that initially, lead poisoning can be hard to detect — even people who seem healthy can have high blood levels of lead. Signs and symptoms usually don't appear until dangerous amounts have accumulated.

Symptoms in children
The signs and symptoms of lead poisoning in children may include:
  • Irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Sluggishness and fatigue
  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Learning difficulties
Symptoms in newborns
Babies who are exposed to lead before birth may experience:
  • Learning difficulties
  • Slowed growth
Symptoms in adults
Although children are primarily at risk, lead poisoning is also dangerous for adults. Signs and symptoms in adults may include:
  • High blood pressure
  • Declines in mental functioning
  • Pain, numbness or tingling of the extremities
  • Muscular weakness
  • Headache
  • Abdominal pain
  • Memory loss
  • Mood disorders
  • Reduced sperm count, abnormal sperm
  • Miscarriage or premature birth in pregnant women
Most Common Causes of Lead Poisoning

Lead in paint
The use of lead-based paints for homes, children's toys and household furniture has been banned in the United States since 1978. But lead-based paint is still on walls and woodwork in many older homes and apartments. Most lead poisoning in children results from eating lead-based paint chips.
Water pipes and imported canned goods
Lead pipes, brass plumbing fixtures and copper pipes soldered with lead can release lead particles into tap water. Although lead solder in food cans is banned in the United States, it's still used in some countries.
Other sources of lead exposure
Lead can also sometimes be found in:
  • Soil. Lead particles that settle on the soil from leaded gasoline or paint can last for years. Lead-contaminated soil is still a major problem around highways and in some urban settings.
  • Household dust. Household dust can contain lead from lead paint chips or from contaminated soil brought in from outside.
  • Pottery. Glazes found on some ceramics, china and porcelain can contain lead that may leach into food.
  • Toys. Lead is sometimes found in toys and other products produced abroad.
  • Traditional cosmetics. Kohl is a traditional cosmetic, often used as eyeliner. Testing of various samples of kohl has revealed high levels of lead.
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Friday, August 3, 2012

Signs of Heavy Metal Poisoning


These symptoms below are signs of heavy metal poisoning. Most of us have heavy metals in our bodies. The list below doesn't necessarily guarantee the cause is from heavy metals, but it is a good chance.

  • Alcohol intolerance

  • Allergies (environmental and food sensitivities)

  • Anxious and irritable

  • Brain fog

  • Cannot lose weight

  • Chronic unexplained pain

  • Coated tongue

  • Cold hands and feet

  • Dark circles under the eyes

  • Depression

  • Digestive problems

  • Extreme fatigue

  • Frequent colds and flus

  • Headaches

  • High levels of toxic metals in your blood, urine or tissues

  • Insomnia

  • Intolerance to medications & vitamins

  • Loss of memory and forgetfulness

  • Low body temperature

  • Metallic taste in mouth

  • Muscle and joint pain

  • Muscle tics or twitches

  • Muscle tremors

  • Night sweats
  • Parasites

  • Prone to mood swings

  • Prone to rashes

  • Sensitive teeth

  • Sensitive to smells like tobacco smoke, perfumes, paint fumes and chemical odors
  • Skin problems

  • Small black spots on your gums

  • Sore or receding gums

  • Tingling in the extremities

  • Unsteady gait

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

How many of these signs and symptoms do you have? A few? Too many? Most of them? You need to think about the role that toxins could be playing in your ill health and resolve to detoxify your body with simple methods such as Purify Your Body's detox foot pads.

If you want a free sample of my detox foot pads, please go to my website and on the contact us page, send a quick message with your address (U.S. or Canada residents only please).

Thanks! And here's to good health!

Rebecca :)

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