Tuesday, October 5, 2021

How to Nebulize Colloidal Silver

 One of the most common questions I get asked, especially during this time of COVID-19, is how to nebulize colloidal silver.

Since I sell the most potent form of silver that exists in the world, and it is 100% pure colloidal silver, it works great to nebulize. 

I know there are protocols for hydrogen peroxide and iodine and saline, but this post is specifically for JUST nebulizing colloidal silver. Specifically, Nutranasilver. And do it separately, don't combine, even with saline. Just distilled water and Nutranasilver. And if you don't have distilled water, and need to do a nebulizer treatment, purified water, filtered water, etc. will do until you get some distilled water. I have heard it is hard to find in some places (distilled water). So do your best until you can get your hands on some.

Here is the nebulizer I use

Here is a nebulizer on Amazon that can get to most places overnight, although it is expensive!

Here are the replacement extra masks for the nebulizer that I have

(In case you want to do food grade hydrogen peroxide, here is the kind I have. I have not had the chance to use it yet though).

(In case you are looking for high quality iodine, this is what I have and use)

Here's the protocol:

Because the reservoir in each nebulizer is different, the main concept is to put the drops of Nutranasilver in the reservoir first, and then add some water to it. I have found that I can't fill my reservoir more than halfway. Sometimes I only fill it 1/4 of the way (I eyeball it). Because it takes SO long to nebulize when it is full. Over an hour! I don't have time for that. Your nebulizer may be quicker, or even longer. And the reservoir may be larger, or smaller than mine. 

1) For adults (and kids, aged 12+), start out with 30 drops in the reservoir (per treatment). You can work your way up to 60 drops in the reservoir, doing it 3x per day. For kids aged 3-11, do half the adult dose, and for kids aged under 3, do 1/4 the adult dose.

2) Put the drops in the reservoir as explained above. Add the water. I would suggest filling it halfway with the first treatment until you become familiar with how fast or slow your nebulizer takes.

3) This whole reservoir full is one treatment. With the silver, I recommend doing up to 3 treatments per day, 6-8 hours in between treatments. You CAN do other treatments in between (for example, hydrogen peroxide or iodine, etc). But just plan on doing up to 3 treatments with Nutranasilver

And a video showing my nebulizer. Sorry for my lack of photography and videography skills!

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