Monday, August 20, 2012

Foot Detox Patch Review

I ship a lot of my foot pads to Australia and New Zealand, they count for almost 50% of my international shipments. I have this picture in my head that they live such healthy lives over on the other side of the world, compared to us here in the U.S. :)

One of my Australian customers posted this on her Facebook page and also emailed it to me. I just love hearing things like this:

"I have been super impressed with these detox foot patches! I have bought high profile competitors products locally and overseas only to discover that they were full of fillers and not nearly as effective. The alternative health market is a huge maze and it is hard to know if you are dealing with the genuine article or not. It is very easy to get disappointed and feeling like you have been swindled...This company, however sells the best I have tried compared to highly commercialised footpatches. The business owner's journey to health recovery is a genuine advertisement for this product, she was so impressed she now sells it so other people can benefit. I have been blessed to do a transaction with this company, and would highly recommend them to you. "Purify Your Body" is one of the most authentic products on the market, you have to do your research with natural health nowadays as the footpatches tend to be inferior & substandard quality and costly! This company does not fill with vegetable dextrin etc and has transparency with the proportions of ingredients included in the patch. If other companies don't do a percentile breakdown of ingredients on the promotion of their footpatches, then it is a scam! This is a slowly emerging small business model but it guarantees potency on their footpatches which you won't generally find on the market today. You deal direct with the vendor and they include a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee which other patches you buy from health food stores don't. So if you are looking to detox and want a genuine article then please go to this website and get footpatches that do what they say they do! I was so pleased with them that I wanted to share with all my Facebook friends." - Customer in Australia

Yes, I do list all my ingredients and they do not contain fillers. I tell you what percentage each ingredient is and it adds up to 100%. The factory I use to make my foot pads is audited, and also registered with the FDA. I pay a LOT more to make my foot pads than my competitors do. I have factories/companies overseas emailing me telling me they can make the patches for as low as $0.08 each. I pay a LOT more than that, because I want quality ingredients that are guaranteed. I can only imagine what ingredients they use, and what they put in their foot pads. No thank you. My customers are more important to me than that! And there are other companies out there that have a great foot pad, similar to mine in quality. But mine are the cheapest foot pads out there on the market. Why? Because I am a one person show, I do this more as a "hobby" than to make a buck. I will keep giving good deals as long as I don't LOSE money I am happy.

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