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Getting Genetic Testing Done for MTHFR and Methylation Issues

I want to share my experiences and tips about genetic testing. Eventually I also want to write a post about MTHFR and methylation issues, but it is an extremely complex topic and I am not an expert on it. I have gathered a ton of research but am procrastinating putting it all together.

So for right now I am going to tell you what I did, and then recommend to you what to do.

If you have any of these symptoms:

Panic disorder
Bipolar disorder
Chronic Fatigue
Pulmonary embolisms
Cardiovascular disease
Increased cancer risk
Peripheral neuropathy
Restless leg syndrome
And more!

Then you just may have genetic mutations that are affecting your physical and mental health.

Now, let me tell you what I did. First, my naturopathic doctor recommended me to get tested for the two common MTHFR genetic variants A1298C and C677T. I paid $140 to get tested via the lab at the clinic. I was not shown to have any mutations on those two genes.

But the symptoms seemed so much like what I had!! And then I read that there are over 51 MTHFR / methylation genes. Well, only testing two of them isn't any good, right? So, I went ahead and ordered a complete genetic test at and it was SO amazing. There was an FDA ruling back in November that made them unable to display your inherited disease risks anymore, but everything else is still the same.

Once you get that raw data, I ran it through Sterling's App at for $20. Then, I got my raw data in a form that made sense to me. It was a spreadsheet in PDF format that listed all the categories that affect methylation (including a section that contained 51 methylation genes -- of which 37 of them I was homozygous or heterozygous mutated!).

Things started to be a lot more clear to me. But I still didn't know what to do, or what it all meant exactly. What did all those reds mean to me (the reds are homozygous, the double risk allele, and the yellows are heterozygous with only one risk allele).

So then I set up an appointment with Sterling Hill, who is the founder of For only $100 she did a Skype call with me and explained all those yellows and reds, and what they meant.

sample of my report from Sterlings' App

Now I am understanding a bit better!

All of this cost me under $220. What a steal!

But I do have some opinions on this matter, and please realize these are only my opinions.

1. Even if we have genetic mutations (the risk alleles in our DNA) does not mean they are expressing (ok this is fact... my opinion is coming don't worry ).

2. things like autism, schizophrenia, MPD, celiac, allergies, asthma, food intolerances, methylation issues, etc. have specific genes that the Human Genome Project has identified as correlation (or causation -- sometimes they can be the same, sometimes not)... This also is a fact....

3. I think... ok here is my opinion, lol.... that when you have a leaky gut (i.e. exposure to toxins, vaccinations, etc) they can trigger an autoimmune response that then can trigger the expressing of these genes.... therefore, autism may ensue, schizoprenia may ensue, anxiety attacks (holy cow that is me). Also, other things may trigger these genes to express, including trauma, long illness, stress, possibly vaccinations (which is a whole other subject I don't dare get into -- but it makes sense -- people say vaccines cause autism, but maybe there is a small amount of truth -- maybe the vaccines just triggered a genetic response? Maybe that explains why some people do seem to become autistic after the vaccines.... it is just a trigger, not a cause).

4. The GAPS diet, along with other "fix your gut" protocols, can actually make the gene "unexpress" (so this has been proven as well, that you can CURE celiac's disease -- and autism, and severe food allergies, etc). This doesn't mean that your genes have changed, but that you have fixed the issue that makes them express those health characteristics.

5. You also can "fix" the genetic expressions by supplementing... for example, with an MTHFR genetic mutation expressing, you are usually unable to convert certain B vitamins into their active forms... by taking active B vitamins (methyl folate instead of folic acid, for example, or methylcobalamin vs. cyanocobalamin -- B-12) you can reduce the symptoms. 

Isn't this stuff just fascinating? I sure think so!

To sum up, here is what I recommend you to do:
  1. ($99)
  2. Sterling's App ($20)
  3. Consultation with Sterling ($100) 
 And be prepared to find the missing piece to your health puzzle -- the one you may have been struggling with most of your life!

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