Thursday, October 11, 2018

Zeolite -- Advanced TRS vs ZeoPure -- What is the best type of Zeolite?

Since I carry ZeoPure zeolite, and have had it for years available to my customers, and have been using it myself for about 6+ years on and off, I have been bombarded with questions regarding TRS Zeolite spray. It is an MLM, so right off the bat I know it is overpriced. But people can pay what they want, I don't have any issues with that. If they want to support their friends or family members that is great. My issue is with the product itself.

No one seems to be able to give me a straight answer with the cost of it, but I did find out that you can buy 3 bottles for $170, or you can even buy a single bottle on Amazon for $87.99 at the time I am posting this (see link here: click here).

I went straight to the manufacturerof ZeoPure to ask them about this Advanced TRS and liquid zeolite, and they gave me this response. I still continue on with my knowledge that ZeoPure is the best on the market.


Here is their response:

It is absolutely impossible to liquefy zeolite. Clinoptilolite-zeolite is not water soluble, and cannot be liquefied without having its structure and detoxing abilities destroyed. Any "liquid zeolite" has minuscule amounts of zeolite powder in it, and is not very effective for detoxing. Plus, the process to "liquefy zeolite" is owned by a pharmaceutical company that has not licensed the process to anyone because it could create a potentially dangerous substance by releasing all the elements that are bound in the zeolite and not naturally bio-available. “Liquid” zeolite companies are notorious for using the marketing ploy of “it absorbs faster” and promoting their product as if it has special capabilities. Further, there is also no such thing as nano zeolite, advanced zeolite, or activated zeolite. These are all made up marketing devices used to make their zeolite look superior over the competition’s. Waiora, who originally developed the idea of “liquid zeolite,” and all the marketing non-sense, was actually sued by their customers and distributors over this—essentially for lying about how much zeolite is actually in the product because it was pretty much water. 

In addition, there has never been any studies to show that zeolite can cross the blood-brain barrier. Again, all clinoptilolite-zeolite supplements are not liquefied or made nanosize, so if one zeolite can cross the blood-brain barrier, then they all can. If one cannot, then they all cannot. The only evidence that has ever suggested that it could cross the blood-brain barrier is a study that was done on dogs with cancer. Some of these dogs had tumors in their brains, and by the end of the study, the tumors had shrunk. This suggests that zeolite might cross the blood brain barrier, but like I said, it is really unknown.

Moreover, people are very concerned with micronsize because they want the zeolite to enter the blood stream. Thus, they turn to “liquid” zeolite believing that it is actually liquefied and will definitely enter the bloodstream. The exact micronsize of when it enters the blood stream is unknown because there have never been any studies done on this pertaining specifically to zeolite. People have put out on the Internet that you need a micron size of 3, or 4, or 5, or 6, or 8, etc. for it to enter the blood stream. These guesses are all based on pharmaceutical studies of various medications (not zeolite) on when the medication enters the blood stream. Our zeolite is 0-40 micron, with a majority of 6 microns of below. This allows for a full body detox, allowing some zeolite to stay in the gut, and some to enter the blood stream (at whatever specific micron size that might be).

We have been getting a lot of question about this Advanced TRS product in the last 3 weeks, and it is probably because they are doing a lot of heavy marketing. Below, is the response I have been sending to people who want to know the differences between our product and TRS. I hope this info helps. Take care.

“For many years, well established zeolite companies have been/were harassed by the FDA, and the states of California and Tennessee in an effort to destroy the zeolite industry. This was a huge drain on the companies’ profits, causing all the major makers of zeolite to disappear, except ZEO Health/Regal Supplements. As a result, a number of other companies, such as TRS, have come to the market to try to pick up some of the business.

Many of these companies use lingo to try to make their product looks like it has special capabilities, such as “advanced,” “activated,” and “nano.” These are all marketing ploys and there are no such processes to change the structure of zeolite or strengthen its detoxing capabilities. 

Further, I can see that this product is in a spray bottle. Just this alone indicates that there is a minute amount of zeolite in the product, which would not be significant enough to detox. Zeolite cannot dissolve; thus, there is no such thing as liquid zeolite. Any liquid product is just zeolite powder in a liquid solution. Zeolite is very muddy and will eventually settle to the bottom of the container. If there was a significant amount of zeolite in this product, it would clog the sprayer. If you look at the ingredients, it says “1.0ml.” This is not pertaining to the zeolite alone, rather this is the volume of the bottle, meaning that it is mostly water. Zeolite is a powder and must be measured in grams and not liters. They are misrepresenting what is in the bottle and Waiora, another company that makes ‘liquid’ zeolite, was sued for this exact reason.

We are the original makers of zeolite supplements. As the original company, we are the ones who have set the standards and developed methods for micronization and cleaning zeolite. Other companies do not invest in these steps because they are expensive processes. Without processing, the zeolite can be filled with containments, mold, and bacteria. We continue to test our zeolite at all stages of manufacturing to prove cleanliness and purity. (This is one of the biggest reasons of how we survived all the government harassment.) Further, we have the purest zeolite on the market. (This is another reason why we survived the harassment.) We continually test mines all over the world for purity. So far, we have not found a source purer than the one we are using. Other companies get their zeolite from the local mine because it’s cheaper, and in effect they offer low quality zeolite that is filled with dirt and toxins.

I hope this information helps you to understand the difference between our zeolite and these companies that have popped up within the last couple years.”

Check out zeolite dosing information here.

Friday, June 29, 2018

On Set - Take at the On-Set of Flu and Cold Symptoms! Only $11.95

immune system defense

• Begin to take at the “ON-SET” of symptoms
• Natures Immune System Defense
• Easy to use all natural 5 Day program
• Contains powerful anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals & herbs that may help boost the immune system for fast & natural relief
Contains Potent extracts:
• Reishi, Maitake & Shitake mushrooms may reduce allergies*
• Andrographis which may help promote respiratory health*
• Bee Propolis a potent natural anti-microbial, anti-bacterial*
• Also Contains Vitamin C, Zinc and Garlic
immune system defense

Aerobic Life’s OnSet with Andrographis is a functionally formulated blend of 18 specific vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and herbs that have been found to help your body battle a cold or flu. This gives you immune system defense.
Andrographis is known around the world as a powerful herb that may help boost the immune system and has healing effects. This formula may help support your immune system for fast, natural relief, if taken immediately at the onset of any symptoms.
OnSet contains a synergistic blend of botanicals, vitamins and minerals that work in harmony to help stimulate immune response. If you’re looking for a proactive product that may help battle a cold or flu, OnSet has it all.
There’s no need for 5 different supplements as OnSet contains the most researched ingredients commonly purchased in one convenient bottle.
When to take it/use it:
OnSet should be taken on the OnSet of cold or flu symptoms.
Suitable for:
OnSet is suitable for those that are looking for natural ways to help boost the immune response. OnSet may be used by ages 12 and older.
Suggested Use:
As a dietary supplement, take 6 capsules daily.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Nutrasilver - Yes, They Are Out Of Business -- But We Have Inventory!

Yes, the rumors are true. For personal reasons, the owner of Nutrasilver has closed the doors. I bought as much inventory as I could and hopefully I won't run out for awhile!

And, I have the 2 oz (60ml) bottles at least for the time being.  (click here to purchase)
Nutrasilver colloidal silver - 1 bottle

NutraSilver consists of only two ingredients: nano sized metallic silver particles from mother earth and distilled water.
Combining these two ingredients in a proprietary manner produces NutraSilver Plus, a potent 3600 PPM colloidal silver product that is known and respected throughout the world as being the premier colloidal silver concentrate.
NutraSilver is formulated with a 3,600 ppm concentration, the most powerful major brand of colloidal silver in the world. Unlike all 10 and 20 ppm solutions, NutraSilver is an extremely effective aid for the toughest health challenges. NutraSilver can be diluted to any ppm concentration without losing effectiveness for common household uses, which gives you the ability to control your own number of drops while ensuring effectiveness.
Please read more about this colloidal silver and usage instructions here: NutraSilver Information
Q: How does NutraSilver compare to the silver solutions you can make at home?
A:  The silver solutions you can make at home are ionic in nature. They are not true silver colloids, and they have a larger particle size and smaller particle surface area. 
Colloidal particles, when present in sufficient concentration, absorb visible light causing the colloid to exhibit an “apparent color”. The apparent color is the complement of the absorbed wavelength. Silver ions do not absorb visible light and therefore appear as clear colorless liquids.
All “colloidal silver generators” on the market produce ionic silver. There is no equipment for sale by any manufacturer that will produce ‘true colloidal silver’ consisting of silver nanoparticles.
Q: I read on a website that ionic silver is better than colloidal silver?
A:  You probably read that from a website that is trying to sell you ionic silver. Maybe what they meant is that ionic silver is better than silver proteins (which are many times mislabeled as colloidal silver solutions). In that case, yes, ionic silver is better.  
Perhaps the most impressive ability that NutraSilver has is that it can be safely diluted without sacrificing effectiveness. You can literally dilute one 30 mL bottle of NutraSilver with distilled water and make 38, 8 ounce bottles of the 10 ppm ionic silver – which comes out to less than $1 per a bottle. Just 13 drops in 8 ounces of distilled water and you’ve got the equivalent to the normal store-bought ionic silver. NutraSilver, when compared this way is hugely less expensive than store-bought products.
There is really no comparison between ionic silver and colloidal silver. Ionic silver is a lot cheaper to make, yet manufacturers jack up their price. If you are paying more than $10 per 8 oz bottle of the clear ionic silver, then you are paying way too much for what you are getting.
That being said, ionic silver is not “bad” — it just isn’t as potent as a pure colloidal silver such as NutraSilver. It is great for cuts and scrapes and even as a deodorant! Since it is clear in color (the easiest way to tell whether it is a colloidal silver or ionic silver) it won’t stain your clothes if you put it in a spray bottle and use it as an underarm deodorant.
I even have some at home for topical use!
Q: Does NutraSilver kill beneficial “good” bacteria?
A:  Regarding NutraSilver killing the good gut bacteria, you don’t have to worry. When taken orally, 98% is absorbed in the stomach and 2% in the small intestine, and 0% in the large intestine where the good gut flora reside.
Q: Is NutraSilver safe for pregnant or nursing mothers?
A:  Yes, NutraSilver has no toxicity whatsoever. 
Q: Will taking NutraSilver for long periods of time make my skin turn blue?
A:  No. NutraSilver will NOT make your skin turn blue. The silver product to avoid is Silver Proteins, as discussed in the next question
Due to the high concentration of large silver particles, silver protein products are known to cause argyria, a condition that causes the skin to turn blue-gray. The US Federal Register listed the silver products that cause argyria as: silver salts, including silver nitrate, silver arsphenamine, silver chloride and possibly silver iodide (all forms of silver proteins).
Q: Isn’t a high ppm a bad thing?
Most products claiming to be high concentrations of  colloidal silver (typically in the range of 30 to 20,000 ppm) are in fact silver proteins. AVOID THESE.
When talking about colloidal silver, a high ppm shows the potency of the silver. Of the three types of colloidal silver, silver protein products have the lowest particle surface area for a given silver concentration, making the silver inaccessible for safe human absorption and less effective for human use. So this is why you want to really do your research as to what really goes in to the product you are going to buy. AVOID Silver Proteins.
NutraSilver is a true colloidal silver, and does not contain any silver proteins. It is perfectly safe and extremely effective at the 3600ppm concentration.
Q: What are the dosage instructions?
A:  If you have a serious health issue such as Morgellons disease, Lyme disease, Candida, or MRSA, click here to view instructions.
If you want to use NutraSilver for overall health, or to help prevent yourself from getting sick, please click here to view the instructions.
Each 1 oz bottle of NutraSilver contains approximately 600 drops. It comes in a 1-oz size dropper bottle.
Q: How do you purify water with NutraSilver?A: Here are the instructions on how to purify water. (click here)
Q: How use NutraSilver to get rid of sinus infections?A: Here is the protocol for sinus infections. (click here)
NutraSilver is 100% silver nano-particles and distilled water. NO ionic silver!