Friday, June 30, 2017

Fix Me Stick "Review"

I applied to do a review on this Fix Me Stick, because it would be super convenient to have a bootable USB stick that I can use when / if a computer crashes due to a virus.

I had 10 days from the time they approved me to be one of the reviewers, to finish the review (the 10th day is today). It took 6 days for them to ship, I received the product on Monday of this week -- a VERY busy week for me.

So I messaged the company and asked them on Tuesday to extend the deadline to at least cover the weekend, since I like to take time on my reviews and the weekends allow me that.

They didn't respond and so I got a notification that the review is due TODAY.

So this is my review. I have not even opened the Fix Me Stick, because I have been busy, I work full time and have landscaping projects going on in my backyard, church related things to do at least one evening a week, and we are remodeling our dining room. Not to mention one of my best friends since childhood went missing last week and the police are investigating it as foul play on the part of the boyfriend so I am a nervous wreck.

So here is my review without actually using the product. The company itself apparently doesn't respond in a timely manner. The product, though, looks to be one that would be awesome to have.

We currently run MalwareBytes, which is a free virus and malware scan program, that we do once a week on our networks here at home (we have 3 networks!) We also have known for 20+ years to not click links that we are suspicious of, and to not open attachments. It is very rare that we will get a virus, and mostly it is malware because of websites that we might visit such as graphics sites when I am looking for stock images, or font sites that I want to download a freebie font for some graphics that I am working on in InDesign or Photoshop. (I am a cheapskate).

Our experience with virus removal usually always ends up with us helping a friend out, fixing their computer.

This will be good for that, however it comes with only a year subscription to 3 computers.  I am not a fan of the "subscription" service, and the limitation to just 3 devices. But in a pinch it will be a lifesaver.

Would I recommend them? If you didn't know anything about computers except how to use the internet and play games, then this might be for you! It is easy enough to use. But who I think it would really help is those who know enough about networking, computers, etc to be called on to help others when their PC crashes.

I think the best feature is the boot options. That makes it SO quick and easy.

You can check them out here on Amazon

Again, I have not had first hand experience with it yet, so please take that into consideration.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Babies Can Be Detoxed, TOO!

I just LOVE my baby nephew. He is such a chunk and he is now almost 4 months old. My sister went ahead and got him vaccinated (I disagree with vaccinating, especially babies, but this isn't about pro or anti-vax). So, I had her use the detox foot pads on his little feet. He used them for a couple days post vaccinations, and the foot pads were super gooey and then started slowing down on the gooey-ness (that is a word, I am sure!) as his body detoxed.

See how adorable he is?

and this is a cute picture of his feet with the foot pads!

Here are the first foot pads that were taken off! 

Here is the second batch

Here is the third batch -- one of them didn't stick very well

Here is the 4th batch of foot pads!

While I hate all the toxins in vaccines, if you feel that it is necessary to vaccinate, I recommend that you consider detoxing your baby afterward to help get the heavy metals, mercury and other yucky ingredients out of your poor baby's body.

The foot pads can help with that. One single foot pad can fit on the whole foot, making it easy and less expensive to detox your baby vs detoxing an adult.

Babies also detox a LOT quicker than adults as well. They should be fully detoxed within two weeks if not within days. Adults take months to detox fully, thanks to the many years of exposure to toxins!

I really recommend the foot pads for all babies and kids. I have some customers whose kids ask for the foot pads, calling them "stickers" -- "Can I wear the stickers on my feet tonight?" and it is very intuitive that kids know what is good for them.

I also have customers who can definitely tell a difference in their school age children -- they sleep much better and are much more attentive in class.

Bottom line. Kids are exposed to more toxins and chemicals than they ever have been before, throughout the ages. Keep them healthy by detoxing them!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Glasstic Brand Glass Water Bottles - Unbreakable!

The Glasstic shatterproof glass water bottle is awesome. I only drink out of glass, except on the very rare occasion when I am traveling and need to buy bottled water from a store. I have broken my share of glass bottles. Months later I have found glass shards in the carpet behind my bookshelf! I may not be coordinated but I sure am clumsy!

This Glasstic works great because I can put a slice of lemon or lime into the water, or other fruits of my choice, and not worry about the acidity mixing with the plastic. It is pure glass but has a protective outer shell that makes it shatterproof. Well, nothing is completely shatterproof, but if you do happen to run over it with a steamroller, the outershell will contain the glass shards so you don't have a mess to clean up!

One of the most common uses for this Glasstic water bottle is to put a drop of your favorite essential oil into your water. Because of the volatile components of the essential oils, they say not to use plastic for sure. This way, you won't have to worry about that. 

However I do need to note I do not agree with the ingestion of essential oils without proper supervision from someone who knows your medical history and is certified in aromatherapy.

That being said, many people do ingest oils, and so if you do, so be it. :) I am not here to judge, but so many people who read my blog know that I don't ingest oils, and so I had to write that disclaimer.

Some of the highlights of this water bottle are:
  • Shatterproof: Because of the design, glass on the inside, and a BPA-free protective outer cover, it won't break on you if you accidentally drop it. Glasstic also offers free glas insert replacement for the first year if you happen to break it (see the steamroller note above, hah!)
  • Easy to clean: You can disassemble the glass water bottle and clean it by hand, or put in the top rack of the dishwasher.
  • Easy to Use: This has a leak proof flip top cap so you don't have to worry about spilling. I also like it because I just hate leaving my drinks open without a cover. Bugs tend to be drawn to them and too many times I take a sip only to realize a bug is in it! yuck.
  • Take anywhere: These Glasstic bottles have a handle on them for ease of carrying.
You can buy it here: