Friday, August 24, 2012

Detox foot pads for other areas of your body?

About 7 years ago when Purify Your Body was not even a year old yet, I had one of those "kitchen accidents" which resulted in a very bad cut at the base of the middle finger on my right hand, and a badly sprained hand. After a visit to the hand surgeon to fix the soft tissue that allowed me to move my finger, it was starting to heal; Except my hand was stiff and sore and swollen, even months after the accident.

Now, at this time I felt I was pretty confident in my knowledge of what my detox foot pads could and couldn't do, and I always told customers to put the foot pads on the feet, or other "blood rich" places on the body. For example, they wouldn't work on the bony knee, but in the back of the knee they should work. They won't work on the elbow but maybe on the inside of the elbow. Or the tops of the feet where there is not much flesh, etc. Or, on the back of my hand...

But, I decided to try placing one on the back of my sprained hand. (I had no open wounds, it is advised not to place the foot pad on any skin that has an open wound). Within 2 HOURS the foot pad was leaking with goo. I got up and took it off, washed my hand and then went back to bed. But that was not expected. My hand is bony! I had been telling my customers for about 9 months now that something like that wouldn't work. So, the next night I decided to do a test. I put a foot pad on the back of EACH hand. Sure enough, in the morning the pad on my right hand was leaking out from all the goo that was coming out, but my left hand's pad didn't have a single spot of goo on it. It looked brand new.


After a couple more "tests" just to make sure I wasn't imagining things, I made my conclusion that the foot pads will work on inflamed and swollen areas of the body even though that may be an area that the foot pads normally wouldn't work on.

My hand was not stiff in the morning anymore after a couple weeks of using the foot pads. But even after one use I could feel the foot pads working. I have since put them on my husband's elbow after a particularly grueling workout at the gym (he trains with an amateur MMA team). I have tried them on my dad's knee when he injured it and it was swollen. I even tried it on one of my foster dogs who had surgery and his knee was swollen. Since the vet had shaved the area, the foot pad was able to stay on. In just a matter of hours the foot pad had a lot of goo on it, from the dog!!

The main way the detox foot pads work is to pull the toxins out via your lymphatic system (through the acupressure points on your feet. But, they are very good at pulling the "stuff" out of any inflamed or swollen area, as well.

And while my hand seems to work fine now, I still don't have total feeling in that middle finger due to the nerve damage that I suffered. It is what they call hyper sensitive. I can feel when I rub my hand over it, but the sensation is very different compared to normal skin. And if I get pricked there with a needle (when they do the hemoglobin tests, for example) it is extremely painful superficially. But, I am not limited in any way from my kitchen disaster... (a shelf in the cabinet fell on me, I instinctively grabbed a glass -- I don't know why, maybe trying to keep the shelf from falling? who knows why we do things in the split second of that moment -- and my hand swung back and hit the cupboard door as it was falling, which  broke the glass and the jagged edge cut my finger. It all happened in an instant. And glasses and dishes kept falling, but the only broken one was the one in my hand. And I didn't even like those glasses.

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