Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Multi-purpose lantern

I received this camping lantern and fell in love. Not only does it look sharp, but it has a ton of features to it!

 Let me tell you all the features that this lantern has:

1. Light. This has a regular light and an extra bright light. It also has a solid red light and a flashing red strobe. You can toggle through each setting with the push of the button in the front.

2. Batteries and more batteries. There are rechargeable lithium ion batteries that go in the bottom, and there are regular AA batteries that you can put in the top. If you have both of them in, fully charged, the light appears so much brighter! (I LOVE that it comes with batteries).

3. Charging station. It comes with a USB/Micro USB adapter cord. You can do a few things with this -- you can charge the lithium ion batteries with your laptop, for example.... you can charge your cell phone or other Micro USB personal electronics like MP3 player or tablet, by plugging it into the lantern and charging!! Super cool for when you are camping for sure!

4. It comes with some clips to hang it, and the lantern turns on by pulling it up and "opening it". You turn it off by closing it so it becomes compact in size.

  I love these types of products because I am so used to the power going out in our house, and we used to always go camping. We just bought a tent and we are gathering more camping supplies now, so we can go this summer. I am super excited, and will have this at the campsite for sure.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Omega Fatty Acids

Essential fatty acids are required for our health. Our bodies cannot make them on our own, which means we have to get them from our diet, or supplement with them. These include omegas.

When many people think of the omegas, (omega 3, 6 and 9) they think of fish oil. I do not eat fish very often at all. Salmon I eat maybe once a year, and tuna maybe 3 times a year. I have a mild allergy to shellfish so I don't bother eating them at all.

And also you hear about how farmed fish is horrible for you, and how there are mercury and other heavy metals in the fish.... not to mention taking supplements and worrying about fish burps at work.

So I tried Omega-3 Supreme Fish Oil. They may look similar to other fish oil supplements but they seem to be superior.  They have more than 75% Omega-3s and they are sourced from wild Alaskan caught polluck in a sustainable and certified operation.

The pills are enteric coating which helps absorption, and also helps you -- HAVE NO FISH BURPS!! The pills are easy to swallow, not as large as some of the others I have used in the past.

Some of the benefits of essential fatty acids include:
  • cardiovascular health
  • joint support - shown to reduce inflammation!
  • brain health
  • helps with cholesterol
  • improved circulation

I take fish oil every day, and also feed it to my dog. It improves his coat, however it also helps prevent arthritis. He is at high risk right now so it is important to take care of him.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Origami Is Hard, But FUN

Once I got this Orchid Origami Paper, I invited my friend's 11 and 13 year old daughters over to my house to play with me! What fun we had.

There were so many bright colors, 10 different ones, and there were 50 sheets of each color.

We had fun folding the paper as you can see from these pictures.

But I have to admit that it was HARD! It wasn't as easy as it looks.

I printed some instructions of different shapes and creatures to make -- there were some very intricate instructions for things like dragons and ninjas! We could not figure out half of them, and stuck to the easy items like 3D hearts and even a frog!

The requisite paper crane was made, and a lot of fun was had.

The origami paper is white on one side, and colored on the other. This really helps when folding! It is inexpensive, and there are enough to go around, so have a party and let all your friends start making origami!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Use The Detox Foot Pads After Surgery - A Testimonial

I love getting testimonials from my customers. Here is one from a customer who had an emergency appendectomy. She wasn't sleeping well afterward, probably as a result of the meds and anesthesia.

The detox foot pads do help pull out the drug residue from general anesthesia, so they are a great part of post-surgery recovery. Here is her testimonial:
"After having an emergency appendectomy I was still feeling pretty horrible 4 days later. Knowing that I have a hard time detoxing from meds I remembered that I still had some foot detox pads left. I put them on my feet before bed and quickly fell asleep - which was surprising since my anxiety had been making it hard to get to sleep. 

In the morning when I woke up I didn't feel like a zombie and that day I felt significantly better than the previous day!"

About Me: Hi! I am Rebecca :) I am the owner of Purify Your Body Detox Foot Pads. I love natural health and wellness, and I love to eat real food. :) 

I love my family, and my pets. I actually love all animals -- they are much nicer than most humans! I don't watch TV and haven't watched a movie in the theater for more than 9 months. I would much rather read a book!

I love to garden and make homemade products -- body butter, toothpaste, perfume, cheese, yogurt, etc. It tastes better when it's made from scratch!  Contact me here:

Urinalysis At Home Test Strips from Easy@Home Areta

I always wish that I didn't have to go to the doctor's office to check for a UTI, or to see how things are doing in my body. Most of the time everything is fine, and then I waste a few hours at the clinic.

With these awesome urinalysis test strips from Easy@Home Areta, I can!

I can test for a ton of different things, as they have 10 parameters, including:

Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketone, Specific Gravity, Blood, pH, Protein, Urobilinogen, Nitrite and Leukocytes in your urine.

These test strips are useful in the preliminary screening for diabetes, liver disease, hemolytic diseases, urogenital, and kidney disorders.

The package contains one bottle and the bottle contains 50 Strips, easily used within the shelf life, no waste. (The test strips are good to use for 90 days after opening).

Here is a list of what the company says these test strips can test for:

Nitrites: may be a sign of urinary tract infection or other infection.
Leukocytes: aka white blood cells. Also indicates presence of infection.
Glucose: the most common test for diabetes.
pH: measures urine acidity, associated with higher risk for kidney stones.
Protein: (albumin): tests for kidney function.
Ketones: caused by disorders of increased metabolism; also by unbalanced diets such as high protein/low carb, anorexia or fasting.
Specific gravity: evaluates the body's water balance and urine concentration.
Blood: can result from infection, injury, inflammation, kidney stones or cancer.
Bilirubin: could indicate liver or gallbladder problems such as gallstones, hepatitis, cirrhosis or tumors.
Urobilinogen: checks for liver disease.

Easy to Use:
1. Just dip the test into urine sample for 1-2 seconds and read results
2. Just compare the reagent areas on the strip and the parameter corresponding color on the container.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

NutraSilver (Colloidal Silver) for Earache - Testimonial

So many people have purchased NutraSilver to help with earaches. They are definitely no fun, especially when your child is in so much pain.

NutraSilver can help. 


It is safe for babies, kids, adults, and even whiny teenagers in pain from an earache.

There are a ton of different ways to treat an earache naturally, but I do believe NutraSilver is quick, painless, easy and best of all, it works!

Here is a testimonial from a customer:

"My sweet little girl woke up in the middle of the night crying about her ear hurting. So I got out the usual warmed rice pillow and massaged her ear. But after a few hours of her crying in pain, I realized that this time it wasn't enough. So I got out my Nutrasilver and looked up online how many drops to put in her ear and for how long. I put one drop in her ear canal (she would only let it sit in her ear for about 5 minutes), and wiped up the excess with a tissue. After a short amount of time (no idea how long really, early hours of the morning tend to blur together), she FINALLY fell asleep. Not only that but she STAYED asleep for the rest of the night. This morning, she says her ear doesn't hurt! Hurray! Thank you Purify Your Body for the great product and for the amazing price!!!"

What is this NutraSilver?

NutraSilver is a REAL TRUE colloidal silver with an extremely high particle surface area. You can read more about it here and here.

You can click on those links and find out the differences between the silver solutions that are on the market.

NutraSilver will NOT turn you blue if you take it internally. It is PURE colloidal silver and does NOT have chlorine ions that may cause you to turn blue, so you are safe.

It has SO many benefits. It comes in 1 oz bottles with 600 drops in each bottle. If you use it in your ear (1 drop per ear, 2x/day) then it will definitely last you a LONG time.

The shelf life is infinite. Forever. Even if you leave it in the hot sun.

Purchase NutraSilver here

Monday, March 2, 2015

14-Day Detox Tea To Jumpstart Your Weightloss

This 14-day detox tea from Hint Wellness tastes great. I started using it about a week ago and I have about a week left to go. While I do not know if it works for weight loss, I do know that the ingredients are well known to help stimulate weight loss.

The ingredients are: honey bush, senna leaf, goji berries, rosehips, lemongrass, dandelion, sarsaparilla, ginger, orange peel, plantain, milk thistle, lemon balm, fennel, and natural flavoring.

Dandelion and milk thistle are liver detoxifiers and tonics. Ginger helps with inflammation. Senna is a natural laxative. I am not super familiar with the effects of the rest of the ingredients except that they taste good.

The manufacturer claims that this tea detoxifies your body and helps you to lose weight. I know the herbs in the tea will help detoxify, and possibly help lose weight, but the natural flavoring is one that I am not very comfortable with. It is a generic term and can be harmless, or it can hide many bad ingredients.

This detox tea can be used for both men and women.  But I have to admit it is kinda tricky to make the tea. It comes loose leaf, so you have to either have a tea infuser or a specific type of tea kettle, or a French press. I had a tea infuser that I used. But it was still difficult to get the loose tea in it, and on the 3rd day, I ended up breaking my tea infuser :(

Since then, I have been using my French press. The French press is easier to get the loose tea into, but it means I have to clean it out after each cup, which is a chore. I just want to share my experience. It DOES taste great, and I love a good cup of tea, especially at night before I go to bed. I can try to relax (I am still working on this whole "relaxing" thing) and sip the herbal tea.

Hint Wellness offers a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Crystal Wash: No Dyes. No Chemicals. No Perfumes. Clean Clothes - GIVEAWAY!

GIVEAWAY -- To Enter To Win a Set Please Scroll To The Bottom!

This is NO JOKE. These Crystal Wash "balls" are AMAZING. I could not believe it myself, not at all. I mean, it is hard to think that we can get our clothes clean without any soap at all, right? But we can!

How does it work? How does a "ball" with little crystals inside make a difference? 



It's all about the pH!

The pH level of laundry water affects how your clothes get clean. If the water is either overly acidic or overly alkaline it can damage delicate articles of clothing, cause bright colors to fade, and cause clothing to still seem dirty even after washing (the "tinge"). Most detergents on the market have a pH level between 6.5 – 9, but they have to use chemicals to achieve these levels.

The logic behind Crystal Wash is that the Bio Ceramics provide two key benefits in the laundry water...

1. Deep Cleaning: They produce far infrared rays that effectively reduce negative ions in the water of your laundry machine, which raises pH level to 8.5 or greater. This process shrinks the water molecule clusters to a size that allows dirts and soils to be soaked free naturally.  
2. Disinfecting: Additionally, the Bio Ceramics create Hydrogen Peroxide which disinfects the clothes, kills bacteria and odor. 
These special Bio Ceramics were developed using various minerals with very effective antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties.

I was able to successfully clean my clothes! Both my whites and my colors! I was amazed. I have been using my homemade laundry soap for years, and while it gets the job done, it isn't anything amazing. I also used soap nuts and they worked decent, too.

But these Crystal Wash Balls got minor stains out (we really don't have many stained clothes to try it out on) and boy oh boy did it get the smells out! Everything was fresh and clean.

I have a Norwex cloth that I use in the kitchen, but it tends to always have a musty smell, even after washing. It was the first thing I smelled when I took the load out of the dryer.... and it smelled AWESOME! No funky smell to it. I am sold! (I use dryer balls, not dryer sheets as the dryer sheets are super toxic).

Definitely a way to save money!

They are only about $50 and they last for 1,000 loads. For me that is almost 5 years!

This is great for:
  • Those with multiple chemical sensitivities or allergies to detergents, such as babies who get rashes due to the laundry soap used on their clothing
  • Folks who want to live a cleaner lifestyle with less toxins
  • People who want to be environmentally friendly
  • "Preppers" who want a re-usable way to clean laundry off-grid
  • People who want to save money!


Time for a GIVEAWAY!!

If you would like to enter, all you have to do is comment below telling me how many loads of laundry you do per week, and then visit their Facebook page and "like" it. 

We will choose a winner on March 7th (Saturday). Good luck!!!

Totally Amazing Natural Deodorant - GIVEAWAY INCLUDED!

(Scroll to the bottom to enter to win!)

Purelygreat is a Canadian company that provides all natural handcrafted products. I was able to review their deodorant -- an unscented variety and the lavender cream scent.

There are only three ingredients used in this deodorant, and then the added essential oils for the ones that are not unscented.

One of the things that will probably be the most unusual for you is the application. It is not in a normal deodorant stick -- you have to use your fingers to apply. That is fine by me!

I have not used anti-perspirant for years, because of the toxic ingredients that can cause increased risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease (the aluminum!!)

So I have been using either the mineral spray (without alunimum) or the Pit Stick from my friend who makes it. I also have done just plain neuralizer gel with essential oils (also using my fingers to apply), and even using a squeezed lime (which works surprisingly well!)

What I have found is that Purelygreat deodorant WORKS....  Here is my experience:

1. I put it on before using far infrared wraps that make you sweat like crazy. I did sweat a lot, but DID NOT SMELL!!

2. It has baking soda as an ingredient, but even after shaving, I have no irritation at all.

3. I smell my armpits in the morning (truly!) and found that I can put this on every other day! (Sometimes I shower every other day, but sometimes I do shower twice a day, like yesterday when I showered in the morning, and then showered after I did the far infrared wraps).

4. It actually smells GREAT! I have used the lavender scent and will have my husband try the unscented kind, and if that works, I will get him the men's version.

5. You only use a tiny bit! It spreads easily.

6. You want to stir it with a tiny spoon or stick (toothpick or skewer?) first, as it is all natural and sometimes the ingredients tend to separate without any toxic binding agents.

7. You still will sweat, you just won't smell

8. It doesn't stain your underams in your shirts!

More information about Purelygreat deodorant:
  • All natural, no synthetic fragrances that doesn't plug your pores.
  • Safe and effective for the whole family
  • Vegan
  • Unscented product is for sensitive skin
  • With daily use it will last 2-3 months (for me it will last longer since I don't need to use it every day, I am guessing at least 4 months!)

So, try Purelygreat deodorant today! You can buy it here.

Or, if you want to enter to win, do the following:

1. Comment on this blog post (either via the Facebook comment app or the regular comments below) and let me know what type of deodorant you use now.

2. Share this link with your friends on Facebook.

Winners will be chosen on March 8th -- next Sunday!! So good luck!!! 

About Me: Hi! I am Rebecca :) I am the owner of Purify Your Body Detox Foot Pads. I love natural health and wellness, and I love to eat real food. :) 

I love my family, and my pets. I actually love all animals -- they are much nicer than most humans! I don't watch TV and haven't watched a movie in the theater for more than 9 months. I would much rather read a book!

I love to garden and make homemade products -- body butter, toothpaste, perfume, cheese, yogurt, etc. It tastes better when it's made from scratch!  Contact me here: