Monday, September 26, 2022

Naked Nutrition and Wholesome Ingredients

 It is very hard to know what products and supplements to purchase, and unless you have a PhD in label reading and ingredients, you can't trust anyone or any company! I especially don't trust any direct sales / multi-level marketing companies because they have to have such a large profit margin to make money since they have different levels of payouts. So it is very common for them to cut corners on many of their ingredients (for example, like ascorbic acid for vitamin C, or cyanocobalamin for vitamin B12. If I see those ingredients in the product I immediately know corners have been cut). 

People can call me out for this opinion, but it is true. And if they are selling a product with these ingredients in it, they will make up an excuse as to why they are ok or become defensive. It actually is just better to learn and realize a specific product may not actually be as good as you think it is!

And maybe sometimes you are fine with the product except that specific ingredient, and you are willing to overlook it even though you know it is not a good quality ingredient, because the product fits all your other requirements. That is fine, as long as you aren't ignorant to it! 

So let's get directly to the products I have used and learn more about them.

First of all, Naked Gut. 

Naked Gut contains only 7 natural ingredients, including prebiotics, probiotics, L-glutamine,  and inulin.

Naked Gut by Naked Nutrition

The benefits are that it will help you digest and absorb nutrients better. It will help boost your immune system, and can help reduce digestive discomfort you may be experiencing. This alone won't heal or reverse leaky gut (sorry!) but it can be part of a protocol that can! (I would recommend much higher doses of L-glutamine for one thing to help heal leaky gut). 

The source of inulin in this specific product is from Jerusalem artichokes. I think that is pretty cool because as a gardener, this is my first year growing them and they have thrived somehow in the raging Texas heat and drought this year! (By the way, it is one of the few perennial vegetables that you can grow!)

My Jerusalem Artichokes

I put it in my roasted dandelion root herbal tea in the mornings. Every morning. It dissolves easily and doesn't have a taste, which makes it a good choice to add to morning beverages.

My delicious dandelion root tea

If you are looking to give your gut a boost, be sure to check out Naked Gut by Naked Nutrition

Next, Naked Ade (Nakedade)

NakedAde is just what you think it is: Electrolyte replacement! (like Gatorade if you haven't caught on). It does taste a bit like Gatorade, too, even though I never liked Gatorade. And I don't LOVE the taste like I do something as delicious as Pepsi!! (hahah I know, I shouldn't drink Pepsi, and I don't... except on rare occasions. Instead, I drink Zevia cola, which barely even touches the craving, but it is better than nothing and way better for you than Pepsi). 

Nakedade powder packets are easy to use!

Many athletes will use this before, during and after a workout.

I honestly only use this Nakedade when I am in need of electrolytes or dehydrated, because I usually drink salt water sole' and use cream of tartar (for potassium) instead. Since I work from home, I am almost always home and have the salt water sole' available to me. But when I went to San Antonio last weekend, I took these with me, because you just dump the powder into your water bottle and shake and drink. VERY easy to travel with.

This gives you the necessary electrolytes so you won't get dehydrated. Being dehydrated is very dangerous to some people, especially those with adrenal insufficiency. I have a friend who passed away from dehydration during a stomach flu! She had adrenal insufficiency. I know how dangerous that is because I, too, have adrenal issues and so in the past when I have had the norovirus, within 24 hours of not being able to keep anything down, I had to go to the ER to get fluids intravenously. I don't play games with dehydration! I just went and told them what's up, I am sick with the stomach flu, am dehydrated and need fluids. That way they didn't have to waste time triaging me. 

What's Important

What is important to me in a supplement? Honesty, clean ingredients, quality and effectiveness. When I am doing something for my health I am not like my husband. My husband won't take anything unless it is delicious. I will take something that isn't as tasty as I would prefer (like the nakedade) if it benefits my health. As long as it isn't nasty. This is not nasty at all. I hope you will try it, even though it tastes like Gatorade to me and I am not a fan of Gatorade and never have been. Many people love the taste! This has way better ingredients, is better for you, and that is more important than anything! 

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