Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Modern Rapunzel -- all about women's hair loss

I am kinda excited about this, as my detox foot pads were mentioned in this book! I feel sort of famous now :)
One of my customers wrote this book after studying and researching and testing out methods to prevent and reverse hair loss in women. Here is her spiel and summary of the book. You can buy it at her website, or download it. (I am posting this as a courtesy to her, and because I am so excited that my detox foot pads were mentioned in the book! I get nothing if you purchase this book.)

The Modern Rapunzel - Natural Secrets for Ending Hair Loss by Jeanne Powers
"Many years ago I lost over half my head of hair. My shower drain was clogged with an alarming amount of fallen hair and my brush looked like a little matted wig. I was panicked to put it mildly.
For an extended period of time prior to that, my hair was lifeless, thin and wouldn’t grow. I wondered what was wrong that I couldn’t grow a thick, beautiful head of hair.
I took it upon myself to find the answers. I refused to go the toxic chemical “cure” route.
What makes this book unique is that I lived through the nightmares of hair loss, thin and unhealthy, damaged hair myself. I came through it shining, having gained the knowledge, experience and results I’m now passing on to you.
I wish I would have had this book when I so desperately needed it.
If you want to know - as I did...
• why hair falls out and what to do to turn it around,
• the proven essential tools of what to do now to help handle a current hair crisis,
• simple actions to take that will help make your hair become thicker, stronger, shinier, healthier and more beautiful and keep it that way for a lifetime,
• proven and practical action steps for hair problems without having to sort through technical terminology to get the needed information and understanding,
• how to naturally improve the condition of your hair and scalp without resort­ing to drugs, surgery and toxic chemically-based products which challenge and ultimately defeat the healing laws of Mother Nature,
and in the process…
• learn the basics on how to look and feel more youthful and energetic,
…then this is such a book.
A great deal of this information is new. The discoveries are a result of personal, sometimes very challenging experiences of one woman’s journey to beauty and health.
This hard-won knowledge provides the answers on how to stop hair loss, grow your hair back, have gorgeous locks and bring out your own radiance, naturally. It also incorporates successful key lifestyle elements for overall optimum health and happiness."

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Detox foot pads on my toes

I have never been able to get my detox foot pads to come clean when putting them on my feet. So much goo comes out -- all other areas of my feet have come clean except the toes. This has been after wearing them for YEARS.

Some reasons for this may be because of the metal fillings I had in my mouth, the root canals and even the metal implant I have in my mouth. I also have issues with TMJ and I have a small tumor in my brain. So this might be the reason why my toes are so badly filled with gunk every day. They are the reflexology point for my head.

Here is a picture of my foot pads ON my toes, and another picture of my foot pads with a teeny white spot!
wearing detox foot pads on my toes

It may not be a lot, but there IS a small white spot in the middle!!!

my toes are always the "gooiest"

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