Monday, August 13, 2012

Foot Detox Pads Can Help With Allergies & Congestion

Yet another testimonial for how the foot detox pads help with allergies and congestion. I know that while I have never experienced allergies, I do get a cold once in a while (I have 17 nieces and nephews that love to hug and kiss me!) and wearing the foot pads help me have just a mild cold vs. a full blown out virus coursing through my body. My immune system is stronger because it is not overburdened from the toxins that I expose myself to everyday. Instead, they are pulled out at night by the foot pads, and my body can focus on keeping itself healthy!

"I have used the foot pads several times and they have been fantastic! I struggle with allergies; my eyes were always watery, I used to be congested all the time. Since I have been using them, I wake up in the morning and allergies are gone!!! I am not congested anymore, I can breathe properly...they are great! they definitely work for me! This is an amazing product. If you are skeptical, you just have to try them to see for yourself. I love them!"
-T.R. in Chapel Hill, NC

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