Miracle II Products

I LOVE Miracle II Products. I use them all the time:

1. I use Miracle II Moisturizing Soap to shampoo my hair, to wash my face and to wash my hands (it is in a soap dispenser at each sink in my house. I also use this to wash my dog.

2. I use Miracle II Soap in a spray bottle as an all-purpose cleaner, including in the home and outdoors (washing my car). Also it is amazing as an insecticide -- I have mixed it up with water and sprayed my cherry trees that were infested with black cherry aphids. Killed all the aphids and didn't harm the beautiful red cherries!

3. I use Miracle II Neutralizer to help balance out my body's pH levels. I put drops in my smoothie every morning and in my pet's water dish.

4. I use Miracle II Neutralizer Gel as my favorite carrier for essential oils when used topically. My current favorite is Frankincense!

5. I use Miracle II Moisturizing Lotion for my facial moisturizer each morning. It is very light and not greasy at all.

6. I use the Deodorant Stone when I travel, and the Deodorant Spray at home.

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