Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Detox Foot Pads a Scam?

There are many people out there that believe that detox foot pads are a scam. These people are even in the "natural health" community, and should be more open to alternative methods of getting healthy and staying healthy. But there have been reports on news channels that supposedly "prove" that the foot pads don't work.

I did write a blog post about this topic a few months back, but I wanted to expand on one facet of it right now.

One thing that many "unbelievers" say is that the foot pads react to the sweat coming from your feet during the night. I know that there are people out there that sweat profusely, but I am not one of them. I couldn't imagine sweating the amount of sweat that would be required to fill my detox foot pads with all the goo that they are filled with, come morning. My hubby's feet sweat, but even then they are just clammy, not dripping with sweat.

Now, I haven't consistently worn my foot pads in YEARS. Back in 2003-2004 I was wearing them quite often. They started out dripping with goo but then gradually became lighter until I was detoxed. Then, I would only wear them a couple times a month, and sometimes even then I wouldn't wear them. So the toxins built back up over the years... (simple math, more input of toxins, less output.) Since I have been doing a big social media push (please visit my Facebook page and become a fan!) I decided I would commit to wearing them consistently until they become clean again... so that is what I am doing. I am almost 2 weeks into wearing them nightly, minus a couple nights that I forgot. The pads have gradually gotten lighter in just a mere two weeks.

I also took pictures. Here is a picture of my first night.

And here is a picture of last night (about 11 days of wearing the foot pads.)

I have pictures of all of the days in between, as they gradually get less toxic each day. If the foot pads turned dark because of sweat, then why aren't they the same consistently? Why do they end up with no goo on them when I am all detoxed? That argument to try to prove that the detox foot pads DON'T work just doesn't hold water.

Yes, it is true that if you place the foot pads under water, they will turn dark. But the consistency is different than when you put them on your feet. They are herbs, of course they are going to turn dark like a tea bag turns dark when you seep it in water. But the goo that ends up on them after wearing them is thicker.

So hopefully when people wonder if detox foot pads are a scam, they can take some logic and put it into their decision making process. Purify Your Body's detox foot pads are the highest quality on the market, and they DO work. I offer a money back guarantee, and BELIEVE in them. They don't have any fillers like competitor's brands, and I don't rip you off. I provide a good quality product, no fillers, etc. I want to tout that my ingredients are all natural, and some are organic. But my competitors do that, as well... of course these ingredients are all natural. You wouldn't put synthetic herbs into a tea bag, would you? Nope. Tea is natural, too. The herbs in my foot pads are natural, as well. That is a given.

So, try them out. Request a free sample from me. Like Purify Your Body on Facebook. Read the testimonials. I promise you they are not faked. They are real people with real experiences. I haev over 5,000 customers worldwide who love my foot pads. I have companies around the world re-selling my brand of foot pads. I have people using them for many different things. Some are really sick and they find relief with the foot pads. Others, like me, don't have any chronic illness but yet want the health benefit of keeping toxins out of my body.

I sleep a LOT better when wearing foot pads. I feel better when I get more sleep. Many people report this same thing. And, a free sample isn't going to hurt you. So go to my website and go to the contact us page. Put in your mailing address so that I can mail you out a free sample. Try them. See what they do for you.

And thank you for trying them.