Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Is your body in toxic overload?

A great testimonial from another long time customer:

"I have been using detox footpads for several years now to relieve my body of toxic
overload, which resulted in terrible itching at night (with no visible cause or cure)
among other effects of toxic overload that affected my temperament, complexion, and

From the very first night of using Purify Your Body detox pad, the itching was relieved
and I was able to sleep all night again!

Since then I have continued to use Rebecca's pads in because obviously they WORK !!
but also I have never bothered to try others because of Rebecca's excellent customer service
and response time if I have a question or an order.  My orders get here faster from Rebecca
consistently than any one else I order from even now that she is on the other side of
the country!

I have also used Purify your Body pads from time to time when pain has occurred, I get fairly
severe lower abdominal pain if I get dehydrated and if I put a pad on the spot that hurts
the pain goes away in just a few moments.   I also used them after breaking my pinkie
finger to relieve the nagging pain that cropped up the following winter, after several nights
of wrapping a pad around the finger I never had pain in it again!"
-Terri D., Ohio

Posted via email from Purify Your Body Detox Foot Pads

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