Sunday, May 31, 2015 Testing and FREE KIT GIVEAWAY

I really REALLY believe detoxing is important for almost all of us. And for some people, their bodies are able to handle all the detoxing that it requires for them to stay in optimal shape.

But there are some of us (many of us, actually!) that do not detox properly. And that is where my detox foot pads come in, along with other ways to detox.

How do you know if you don't detox properly? Well, your liver may not be functioning up to par, and your kidneys may be overworked. You may not sweat like normal people do. (For instance, I could be in a sauna for almost an hour before starting to sweat -- something is wrong with that!).

And I learned a bit about MTHFR and methylation cycles, and how there are genetic mutations that make it so your body does not do its job properly, resulting in toxic overload. So after I got my test results, and had a consultation with Sterling Hill, founder of, I realized I had a huge issue!

One thing Sterling told me during our consultation was that I looked great for someone with as many mutations as I had. Most other people with similar mutations were bedridden. And I truly believe that finding the detox foot pads and using them (intermittently, as I don't use them all the time and sometimes will go months without using them), really saved my life and prevented me from becoming bedridden from toxic overload, autoimmune issues and chronic illness.

Yes, I am still in a lot of physical pain due to low back issues and bilateral hip bursitis due to injuries. And I have adrenal fatigue that I am working on recovering from. But overall, I still have a great career, a great side business (Purify Your Body) and can manage my household, do my church activities and teach Sunday School. Many people in my situation with similar mutations and fatigue are unable to do all that.

And I am giving my detox protocol 100% of the credit!

So... I want you all to have a chance at winning a genetic testing kit. And I am going to give one away to one lucky winner. Plus, there will be 2 second place winners who will each get 40 FREE detox foot pads.

If you have never heard of, it is a DNA testing service. They used to provide some type of analysis for you regarding your inherited health risks, however the FDA shut that part of the operation down. You still get your raw data -- all of it! And once you get that, you can follow their instructions to download it (onto your own computer). You also can search your raw data directly on their website when you log into your account.

When you see it, the raw data may not mean anything to you. But you can run it through various programs (listed below) to get an accurate idea of what is going on with your genetic mutations!

(Please read this article I wrote about MTHFR and how I went through the process, and note that even if you have genetic mutations doesn't mean they will EXPRESS). -- Sterling' App has a good application to run your data through -- DONATION BASED -- this is ok, but not the easiest to understand -- FREE OPTIONS --one of my favorites. Lists the supplements you should avoid and the ones you need based on your mutations. The $37 option is the most thorough -- FREE --you have to input by hand but Dr. Amy Yasko provides a list of supplements in a free report that is dozens of pages long and filled with all sorts of good information.

So, how do you ENTER TO WIN?

Simple. Just follow the steps below.

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3. Comment below about what interests you most about

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BONUS 5 ENTRIES: If you place an order of any of my products at then please email me your order number (email to so that I can add you to the final spreadsheet before I randomly choose the winners).

You can use coupon code 23ANDME to get 23% off your order of detox foot pads, too!


This code expires on July 1, 2015 and the contest ends on June 30, 2015. Winners will be notified by July 5, 2015.

3D Fiber Lashes from Mia Adora

I tried the 3D Fiber Lashes from Mia Adora and did not like them.

I have very long, thin lashes. I do not think they are made for lashes like mine. I followed the instructions, including curling my lashes, using the gel, then the fibers, and finishing up with the gel. I use the fibers on the tips of my lashes, but the fibers STILL got into my eye and irritated the heck out of them all day long.

My eyes did not look much difference compared to regular mascara. In fact, they didn't look as full!

Here are my lashes with regular mascara:

Here are two shots of me using the fiber lashes. The second image below shows me without mascara on one eye and with the 3D fiber lashes on the second one. I am not fully impressed.

However, I would like to say that I have friends who use these 3D lashes and they look AMAZING on them. I don't know why that isn't the case for me. But I cannot review a product without being fully honest with how it works for ME.

They are super clumpy for me. Really not my idea of putting on makeup. I think they would be better for someone who has shorter lashes that are thicker.

However, they work the same as Younique's 3D Lashes, but are so much cheaper and you don't have to deal with an MLM rep! You get free shipping from Amazon and they are only $20! So, you might as well try them out to see if they work for YOU.

Buy them here:

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mesh Screen Door Keeps Bugs Out

I have seen many commercials for these velcro-mesh screen doors that you can just walk through. It keeps the bugs out and your pets can go in and out without you opening and closing the door over and over and over. (Can you tell that is what we have to do?)

I always wanted to try one when we moved (we used to have doggy doors so that was great). So I finally got this Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door.

We are currently renting our house, so we cannot have anything that is permanent. This is perfect!

It was easy to install. When we move, we can remove the velcro from the door frame, and then buy new stuff from Home Depot or Lowe's, to use it again.

This particular magnetic screen door has individual magnets sewn in - it is pretty sturdy!

Be sure to measure your door before you order. And make sure that you install the velcro tape in a straight line.

You can order it here:

This is the Best Foam Roller I Have Tried

I have a ton of chronic pain. In my upper back (thoracic area), my shoulders, my lumbar area, my hips and my legs. Practically all my body hurts many days.

I have used tennis balls and lacrosse balls to release some trigger points, and have used foam rollers in the past. I have used high density foam that is pretty hard (and it hurts!) along with foam rollers that are not as dense, and softer. They didn't seem to do as much for me.

So then I got this one:

This is the Muscle Mauler Max, and it is pretty cool. It offers deep tissue massage and trigger point release for many areas of your body. It isn't too hard, has some flexion to it, but it isn't too soft either. I like that it has a hollow inside, and while it is sturdy, it seems to release the muscle tension without too much pain.

When you buy it, you also get an instruction sheet and a free eBook that shows some of the things you can use it for, such as your hamstrings, upper back (thoracic spine), IT band (my sore spot!), your lats, glutes, hip flexors, calves and lower back.

If you have any issues with any of these areas on your body, you have to try this.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Samepage -- A New Way To Stay Organized Online

I just created an account on Once I got the hang of it I was able to quickly create a page on my account. And I bet you can, too.

What is Samepage? It is an online site where you can create pages for projects or groups or teams, and you can share them with everyone involved. You can upload images, files, videos, calenders, maps and more, so that when you share the page with others, they have access to everything and can download it with just the click of a mouse.

It reminds me a little of Dropbox. Except a LOT better. Dropbox is a cloud-based file sharing application, but it is not as creative and has a lot of limitations.

Samepage is a lot easier to use as well!

Samepage does not cost money for the personal user unless you want to upgrade to have more pages and projects. If you are not a super user, then you will be fine with just the free page.

How do they monetize it? That was the first question I asked them! You can upgrade as I mentioned, if you are going to require a lot of pages, or you can create a business account.

Here is a synopsis:

--Personal and professional activities with others are coordinated in a single online page. One can easily create an online page in a few minutes and share it with friends, social networks, co-workers or the whole Internet. Whether one is sharing a set of recipes with a church group, some photos of a hike with Facebook friends or the itinerary for a business trip with a work team, Samepage makes it easy.

--One can put everything they want to share on a single page and share it across all of their social media with just a few clicks. One can share files, pictures, maps, videos and even cloud files from Dropbox, Google Drive and other services.

Samepage is accessible through your web browser but is also available as an iOS and Android app.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Fractionated Coconut Oil

This fractionated coconut oil is great stuff. I use it for massage and also as a carrier oil for using essential oils, as I always dilute them.

It comes with a pump which is awesome so that I can just squirt out a couple pumps of fractionated coconut oil and then put a couple drops of essential oils on, and then use it for massage.

It has great benefits for your skin if you choose to use it as a moisturizer.

Another good, safe use is for personal lubricant.

Some people use it in their hair. I personally don't because I hate the feel of oils in my hair. It is purported to help stimulate hair growth.

This never goes rancid and is shelf stable.

100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil 

The most popular use is as a carrier oil for essential oils. Please do not use this in a diffuser!

It doesn't stain and can be washed easily out of sheets and clothing. It is colorless and odorless.

It is extremely inexpensive, compared to many other fractionated coconut oils sold by MLM essential oil companies. Totally affordable!

Monday, May 4, 2015

ACL Tear - My Poor Pup's Treatment Protocol

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my dog, Aegis (pronounced EE-GIS, with a soft "g", rhymes with Regis). He is 7 years old and a flashy fawn boxer boy.

In January, he somehow injured his left hind leg -- and after a vet visit with some x-rays, he was diagnosed with a partial ACL tear. Instead of heading into surgery right away, we decided to do conservative management. We used a few holistic remedies and he seemed to recover very quickly.

We were relieved.

Fast forward about 3 months. He came to us walking on 3 legs -- his left hind leg was injured. We were devastated. The TPLO surgery is pretty hard core and the recovery is pretty intense. 

In the past 3 months (we moved here in January a few weeks before the first incident) we met some new friends. One of them was Carl Malone, who is a naturopath and also is an expert in laser therapy. So, I called him up and asked if we could use the laser on Aegis. That was a Friday and he came over around 10am. We did our first laser treatment on his injury. Here is a video of it:

Carl let me use the laser for the whole weekend. I gave Aegis about 3 laser treatments per day, and returned it on Monday.

Here is a quick video of Aegis after the 3 days of laser treatments:

So, there was a remarkable difference in such a short time. I am convinced the laser is a miracle worker! 

But, two weeks later, Aegis once again was running down the stairs and slid on the tile. He cannot walk on his leg again. It was not strong enough to continue the healing that was done.

We have decided to schedule the surgery to repair his torn ACL. He will go in for the surgery in a little over 2 weeks (the soonest appt. available) and we will use the laser again to help him heal very quickly. 

We will report back at that time to show you how quickly he heals with the laser therapy.

For more information on this laser that we used, you can visit Carl's website at

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rose Quartz Gemstone Face Cream

I have never heard of being able to use a gemstone in a beauty product until I got to review this face and healing cream from Gemstone Organic. They use high vibrational gemstone essences to repair and rejuvenate the skin. They have a variety of precious and semi-precious crystals to choose from on their website, such as moonstone, ruby, jade, gold and rose quartz.

I tried the rose quartz. It is designed for all skin types and includes lavender and rosemary essential oils for scent. The gem essence contained rose quartz, kunzite, smokey quartz and other crystals for your heart chakra. This unique blend is made to reveal a softer, smoother complexion. Rose quartz is known for its properties of feelings of love and reducing stress.

These creams are made with 100% organic ingredients. They are raw skincare products with actual live, botanical medicines. They have a unique mineral complex that you will not find anywhere else.

How does it work? 

I have been using it for about 10 days now and I really like the way it makes my skin feel when I use it at night. It is somewhat heavy and greasy, so I don't like it on my skin during the day. If you use powder on your face, then it might be great because a lot of times the powder neutralizes the greasy feeling.