Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Behind the Detox Foot Pad Scene at Purify Your Body

Behind the Detox Foot Pad Scene -- Who Am I? A REAL Person who CARES about YOU!

I really notice how many customers keep coming back to purchase my foot detox pads because of my customer service (and my superior product of course!) We hear these days that customer service is MANDATORY, and you can't use that as one of your value propositions for your business. But too many companies fail at this. Kinoki, one of my competitors whose foot pads contain up to 50% fillers (cornstarch), has horrible customer service, and rarely even get back to customers who have questions. I hear this complaint from new customers all the time, and how relieved they are to talk to a REAL person, or get a response quickly. If I am awake, I usually get back within hours, if not minutes. Whether it is via email, a phone call, a Facebook message, or even a Tweet, I have great response times. I love happy customers, so I do what I can to make them happy. And, people are so easy to please if you have a great product at a great price, and provide good customer service. It helps that I care about people so much, and it reflects in my business :)

When you contact Purify Your Body you are contacting me -- as I am the only one here (every once in a while if I have to travel, my sister fills my orders for me, but she has even a kinder heart than I do!) And although I don't remember everyone's names and orders, I do try! I have over 5,000 customers worldwide and ship a LOT to Australia, Canada, The Netherlands and the UK. But still most of my orders are being shipped to the U.S.


Here I am a couple weeks ago at a family reunion.

"As you know I have been using these for years and have turned so many people on to them.  We are just LOADED with toxins.  Comes at us from all directions and these are truly amazing. Everyone who has tried them tells me they are astonished by how much better they feel.  I use two on each foot at night and within a week I feel so much more energetic. And you have been so wonderful to deal with -  always accessible and helpful.  Such a pleasure to be able to connect directly with the owner of a company in this day and age!"
-Stephanie O, MD

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