Saturday, January 7, 2012

Detox Foot Pad Testimonial

 Good Morning.

Thanks so much for the foot pads. I tried them last night for the first time. I followed your suggestion on your website and put 3 on each foot…..on heels, arches and balls of the feet. The gooiest was the ones on the balls of my feet. You will not believe this and I certainly know it’s not “in my head.” I got out of bed this morning and DID NOT HURT like I usually do! I have osteoarthritis and struggle each morning and moan and groan when I get up out of bed. I still had minor pain but not like I normally hurt! Isn’t that amazing, after just 1 night? (It almost scares me, just thinking how much toxins are in my body, judging by the goo on the foot pads!)

-DK in Texas

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