Tuesday, September 26, 2023

NutranaSilver 100% Colloidal Silver Saves Woman's Leg From Amputation (Trigger Warning: Detailed Photos Included)

So many times I recommend things in Facebook groups when someone posts asking for advice for various things. But rarely does anyone listen to me! Even though I have the best recommendations!! hahah. 

No, really. 

Here's an example!

One time someone listened. And it saved her mom's leg from amputation! Her mom had an infection in her leg due to diabetes, and for over a year the doctors have been trying to treat it with various medications and pharmaceuticals, to no avail. It was getting worse. Their next step was amputation. 

This photo shows the "before" picture of her leg. It isn't pleasant. But imagine going to the doctor's over and over and being on multiple treatment plans and it just gets worse? Can you imagine the anxiety and frustration you'd feel when the DOCTORS CAN'T DO ANYTHING TO HELP.

My recommendation was to use NutranaSilver (100% pure colloidal silver -- the most potent that I am aware of IN THE WORLD). Take it internally 3x per day (I suggested working her way up to 60 drops 3x per day in distilled water) and then dilute it in distilled water in a spray bottle and spray topically multiple times per day, up to once per hour. 

In 3 weeks it was healing so well she actually called me on the phone to tell me how excited she was. IT WORKED! She went to her doctor's to show the progress and they were thrilled for her! Which is nice, actually, because most doctors wouldn't encourage natural alternatives.

I am so excited for her!! This is only after 3 weeks, and I reached out today to ask her for a current update since this is about 6 weeks old now (I have been meaning to write this post for that long!) Once I receive an updated photo I will add to this post.

And I think that more people should listen to the recommendations I give for products on Facebook, for sure!! 

NutranaSilver also can help purify water in an emergency situation, camping situation, boil water notice, and more. One drop can purify 1 liter of water. That's how potent it is!

You can order NutranaSilver here.

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