Sunday, July 5, 2015

Personal Water Filtration System for Emergencies, Camping, and Hiking

This survival water filtration system is AWESOME! You can get it here on Amazon.

This is a Personal Water Filter that is designed to be used while hiking, camping, backpacking or in emergency situations.

When you are an avid outdoorsman, and like to spend time camping or hiking long distances, it is a struggle to lug enough water to properly hydrate yourself, especially in the hot summers. So that is where this little device comes in. It is super easy to use, and very efficient.

The filter in this straw is good for up to 396 gallons of purified water, and can filter 450mL per minute. It uses an activated carbon filtration system.

I love being prepared. Just the knowledge that I am ready to face any emergency, makes me feel more at peace.


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  2. I am used to the LifeStraw, which has been an alternative to iodine tablets for me. I will also buy the Survival Personal Water Filter for backup; it seems like an amazing choice for novice outdoorsmen. See other backpacking water filters here: