Saturday, July 18, 2015

Exercise Ball -- Pretty High Quality

My husband and I are totally out of shape. We really slacked off in our fitness this past couple years when we were living in Panama. Now, we are trying to work out and slowly but surely get back in shape. We are supporting each other in our endeavors.

We have joined a gym but there are other things that we can do at home to help us reach our goals.

One of his requests was to get an exercise ball. So I was able to get this exercise ball. It is BIG. It is perfect to sit on as a chair (it forces you to have good posture sitting at a desk).

To get it blown up took a LOT of work!! It seemed like hours, taking turns pumping the thing because we are so out of shape. Nonetheless, it will be a good product to use for many different things.

This exercise ball is very durable, and can be used for yoga, pilates, strengthening and stretching. You can do situps and core workouts, along with pushups for upper body strength, having your feet up on the ball while your arms are on the ground in pushup position.

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