Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Battery Storage Solved!

 I received my Battery Organizer and Tester and filled it up with my batteries that were just thrown in my drawer. The reason this is so cool is that it helps to organize them and let's me know how many I have. I do not have any 9 volt, but I have AAA, AA and C batteries. I need to stock up on button cells because I have a lot of devices that use them, from scales to alarm clocks.
This battery tester holds up to 72 batteries of various configurations. It is about a foot high so while it isn't HUGE, it isn't tiny either. It is pretty substantial. I can hang it on my wall. Once we move next month I am going to have my husband hang it right inside the pantry door. There is an area where we are going to have our "junk drawer" inside the pantry and I am excited about it.

The coolest part of it? This tester. Check out this tester. I played around with this for a while, testing every single battery in my house! HAH!

When you test, the battery power is indicated by the following lighting combinations:

Good: All three lights red, yellow, green are lit
Weak: Only the red and yellow are lit.
Only red light on: The current in the battery is very low and can barely function.
No Light: The battery power is completely exhausted and the battery is completely dead

The tester offers 3 ports to test various types of batteries:
  • Port A: 3v Button Cells 
  • Port B: AA, AAA, C and D Batteries 
  • Port C: 9V Rectangular Battery

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