Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Amber Spray Bottles + Recipe for the BEST Mosquito Repellant EVER!

When I lived in Panama I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. Even after being back stateside for 6 months, the scars on my arms are still very visible, making me feel very self conscious.

And since I finally found an AWESOME natural way to prevent mosquitoes from biting me all over, I wanted to share.

I want to tell you what I have tried that didn't really work:

1. Citronella spray and wipes (they smell gross, I hate this smell!)
2. doTERRA's Terrashield -- this may work in places that get only 3 mosquitoes, but it was a very costly item and did NOT work at all in Panama. Very disappointing.
3. DEET insect repellant. This worked better than the above two items I used, but at what health cost? DEET is very dangerous to our health and so it should only be used as a last resort.

 Then I found some information about catnip, and how it repels mosquitoes 10x better than DEET!

From this article in Science Daily, it says:
  Researchers report that nepetalactone, the essential oil in catnip that gives the plant its characteristic odor, is about ten times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than DEET — the compound used in most commercial insect repellents.
So, I got these amber bottles from firefly crafts on Amazon. They are awesome, including UV protection for light sensitive ingredients like essential oils. And I made my homemade bug spray and used these bottles.


1 Spray Bottle (get them here)
100 drops Insect Shield Synergy Blend
25 drops Catnip Essential Oil
8 oz Witch Hazel
8 oz Water

Mix all ingredients in the spray bottle and put the lid on.

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