Thursday, July 16, 2015

Personal Water Purifier For Emergencies

This water purification system is personal sized, so it is great for camping, backpacking, hiking and for emergencies where the water may be unsafe to drink.

However, having used lifestraws and other versions of personal water filtration systems, this one seems a bit more complicated. It was hard to figure out.

The reason I believe is that it has a 3-stage water purification process, which in itself makes it more complicated than others.

The three stage filtration includes:

1. organic and insect filter -- to get any debris (including bugs!) out of the drinking water. This is mighty important as I am prone to sucking up bees and wasps when I take a drink.

2. Antibacterial activated carbon granules with silver ions. This is awesome. The other ones I have used in the past did not have this. Silver?? One of the most potent antibacterial elements in this world! Did you know that? I use silver all the time in the form of colloidal silver.

3. There is a very small, 0.01 micron membrane barrier, to finish up the filtration process.

These three steps prevent salmonella, giardia, cholera, diarrhea and other pathogenic illnesses caused by unsafe drinking water.

It is portable and lightweight. It can fit in a purse, in your glove compartment, and is light enough to stick in your backpack or camping supplies so that it won't add any additional weight -- it is just over 2 oz!

The cap makes it dust proof, and it is certified by WQA and TUV-SUD (I don't know what those are?)

The end result is that you get 400 ml, which is about 13.5 oz, per minute, and can be used for filtration of 1500 liters, which is almost 400 gallons! Holy smokes.

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