Monday, March 22, 2010

we don't like lentils but LOVE homemade baked beans and... what is new with me! (blog posting)

I am trying out some recipes made from scratch from my food storage ingredients. I am not a big fan of lentils at all... (It may have been the way I cooked them, too... I soaked them overnight and cooked them with some low fat turkey kielbasa -- maybe if I used some italian sausage or bacon it would have been better). If you have a lentil soup recipe you want to have me try, let me know and I will try it!

But... I did make homemade baked beans. They were a hit. I can't wait to go home tonight to make more. I never knew that you use white beans for them! I always thought it was a brown bean of some sort.

My next thing I am going to try is pinto beans. I love mexican style foods, and so I will try some pinto beans. Maybe some black beans, too! My friend from Mexico gave me a simple recipe to cook the pinto beans in.

For the next two weeks I am doing my twice yearly treatment of DE on my dogs and cat. DE (Diatomaceous Earth) is a natural de-wormer. Our animals have never been diagnosed with having worms but that doesn't mean that they don't. They play around enough other dogs so that if another dog had worms, my dogs could easily catch them, and bring them into our home. So, while we aren't "treating" worms, we do this just to clean out their systems "just in case". I sprinkle it dry, on their food. I am also adding pumpkin to their foods because for some reason their dogpoo is a little on the soft side and I want it to firm up (how gross is this talking about this topic!! YUCK!)

Now, another thing I am going to try is boiled wheat. It makes a very healthy breakfast cereal. I will probably flavor mine with Stevia and real raw butter. I am thinking about trying some tomorrow morning, to eat as a snack throughout the morning. I will report back once I try, to let you know how that goes.

I am now fitting in my clothing that I have not been able to wear in over a year. I still have a ways to go, but I am excited about the good start that I got. 18 lbs lost in 21 days. Now, I would like to lose another 15 lbs in 6 weeks. I think it is do-able!! Then I will be able to fit in every outfit I have!!!!

My detox foot pad sales are increasing, which are making me happy. It appears that many people are starting to focus on their health. That impresses me because I am in such despair about our healthcare system here, and really don't want to be taxed anymore. If everyone in the country used my foot pads for 1 month straight, and stopped putting toxins in their bodies, the health benefits would be so drastic, so many people's lives would change.

I need to do another acupuncture appointment with Jennifer at Winer Acupuncture. Then I have a rolfing appointment with Erin Herdina at Structure for Life in two weeks. So, after that, along with doing my physical therapy continuously, I think I will be in a great position to face spring and summer!! Come on, sunshine! I am waiting for you!

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