Sunday, December 21, 2014

Homemade Clay Body Wraps and Weight Loss Belt

One thing that I have tried in the past was Luca Lean body wraps. It is a clay-based "mud" that you put on your body, and then you wrap yourself in plastic wrap. I remember it worked pretty good!

And because over the years I have gotten to know so many health benefits of bentonite clay and french green clay, I kept remembering about these clay wraps that I did.

So, I tried making them myself, as I have a ton of ingredients that I think would work.

Here is what I did:

1. Heated up some oil and water (1:1 ratio). I actually used organic Castor oil for this time, although in the past I have used avocado oil, sweet almond oil, or even olive oil.

2. Add in bentonite clay until you get the right consistency. Some bentonite clays are a finer powder, others are not as fine. In this instance a finer clay powder will work better.

Note: I am not telling you the amounts to use, you can figure that out yourself, but a good starting point would be up to 1 cup each water and oil if you want to do your whole body with a thick paste... 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup would also work.

3. Add essential oils to the mix. Some of the ones I chose are sandalwood, eucalyptus, grapefruit, and lemon. I am not a certified aromatherapist and I do not use essential oils lightly. However, I will warn you that if you are sensitive, then be careful. I actually put drops in until it smells "good" to me, which I know doesn't help you one bit! Just add in whatever you feel is right... 10 drops of each, 15 drops of each? maybe 50 drops of essential oil total combined at the MOST....

 4. Then the fun part begins. I recommend you being prepared with a robe, the saran wrap (and if you are like me and can't EVER use saran wrap easily, so it becomes a huge mess, a pair of old scissors would be handy, as they will get dirty don't use your fancy new sewing scissors!)

Slather it on your body -- I do my waist, buns and thighs. I put as much as I can on.

5. Start wrapping yourself! I start at one thigh, and wrap a few times and then go around my buns and then go up my waist, and then down the other thigh. I do as tight as I can around the thighs and waist, but in the transition areas (so I can sit down easily if I want to) I do a little looser but maybe a couple extra wraps. Overall I use about 1/3 to 1/2 of the roll of saran wrap.

6. The latest thing that I got was a weight loss belt that is made of stretchable neoprene, and I wrap that around my waist to add heat to it. The heat helps me sweat more and gives a boost to the clay wrap we just made.

Then, I just put a robe on, relax in my recliner and read a book.

I stay in this setup for about an hour. If I am comfortable (meaning I don't have to pee) I may stay in for a little longer.

Then I just cut it all off with those old scissors, straight down the middle, and climb into the shower. I have a dry brush in the shower that I use to get the residue off my body.

I do not measure myself. But I LOOK thinner almost immediately and I like that. My skin tone seems firmer and I can only imagine the toxins that the bentonite clay has removed.

I am not overweight, but because I have hip issues I have NOT worked out in a LONG time because even walking a mile will cause me pain for days. So, I am not as toned as I would like to be and that depresses me. This regiment really helps me!

I recommend doing it monthly, and even using the weight loss belt throughout the week in addition to the monthly clay wrap!

About Me: Hi! I am Rebecca :) I am the owner of Purify Your Body Detox Foot Pads. I love natural health and wellness, and I love to eat real food. :) 

I love my family, and my pets. I actually love all animals -- they are much nicer than most humans! I don't watch TV and haven't watched a movie in the theater for more than a year. I would much rather read a book!

I love to garden and make homemade products -- body butter, toothpaste, perfume, cheese, yogurt, etc. It tastes better when it's made from scratch!  Contact me here:


  1. my husband wants to know what kind of bentonite clay do you use?
    he has been looking in to this and says there are several types and then also several brands so if you could share your favorite I would appreciate it. :) Thanks.

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