Thursday, July 10, 2014

Detox Foot Pads Lighten Over Time

Here are some pictures of my detox foot pads when I started using them again after being lax for a couple months. I do need to explain that I have methylation issues (genetic) that cause me to not be able to detoxify as well as most folks, so if I am without my detox foot pads for awhile, they are super gooey. The progression below is over a period of 2 weeks, and sometimes multiple foot pads (up to 3) on each foot.

In normal cases, if I use the foot pads every night for 2-3 weeks all of the areas will become clean again except the toes. (Here are my thoughts on why my toes never come clean).

I eat a clean diet, avoid processed foods and use only natural personal care products and cleaning products for my home. I do get exposed to environmental toxins such as mold, pollution, etc which I cannot control. Every day life we are exposed to toxins. If I didn't live as "clean" as I do, I don't think 2-3 weeks would make my detox foot pads come back as clean as they were.

First night of detox

12th day of using the detox foot pads