Sunday, July 20, 2014

Soap Nuts -- in an EASY TO USE Liquid! Green Virgin Products Does It Again!

I have been using the popular DIY laundry soap with Fels Napthe, Borax and Washing Soda, for many years now. It works fine. Sometimes I have to pre-treat stains, but I am used to my clothes not having any "summer blossom" scent to them. And I like that it is toxin free.

I started years ago with using the liquid DIY laundry soap, which was easy to use in the wash but hard to store. More recently (in the past 6 months) I started using the concentrated powder, which takes 5 minutes to make 3 months worth of laundry soap.

But, I always wanted to try soap nuts. The thing that steered me away from that is they require hot water. Since I wash in cold water, I would have to add hot water to the soap nuts to get them "sudsy" before adding them to the wash.

I am too lazy for that.

But now I found some liquid soap nuts! I started using them this past week. For HE washing machines, they do up to 120 loads! This is crazy, I won't have to get anymore for almost a year!

And another neat thing is that they are so affordable, at $18.95 for 120 loads, they are good for the environment -- not neutral, but actually GOOD. They have a negative carbon foot print! They are anti-microbial, and you don't even need fabric softener for them. Fabric softener is one of the most toxic products in most all American households. I have used distilled white vinegar and then dryer balls, but since we moved last month, I don't have a dryer, so I can't use my dryer balls anymore.

After washing my first load, I have to admit that my clothes actually smell nice! I did not believe there would be a fresh scent, but there is.

What is nice about the liquid is that it is easy to use. For some reason I think the soap nuts themselves are too complicated for lazy old me -- having only cold water to wash in. So this liquid is perfect. I think the original soap nuts may be a bit cheaper, but I am not looking for the cheapest solution.... I am looking for non-toxic and chemical free, and easy to use. This works!


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