Thursday, March 13, 2014

Putting Detox Foot Pads On My Toes

Here is a picture of the foot pads that I put on my toes last night.

foot pads from my toes

here is how I wear the foot pads on my toes
(my foot looks dirty, it is not! It is just in the shadows)

When I put them on all other areas of my feet, they aren't filled with goo very much anymore. I have successfully detox those areas of my body. But after so many years, the detox foot pads have NEVER come clean when I put them on my toes.

Why? Based on reflexology charts, the toes correlate with everything from your neck, up. This includes your thyroid, sinuses, TMJ, ears, brain, and your mouth.

Let's see:

1. I have thyroid issues.
2. I have a hearing loss
3. I have TMJ
4. I have a benign tumor in my head
5. I have had a LOT of dental work done, including a dental implant.

Thankfully, I have all my metal fillings removed, replaced by composite fillings. I do not know whether the composite fillings have BPA in them. Knowing my luck, yes.

But the implant has a metal screw. From that tooth I constantly have a metallic taste.

I just wonder whether these are the reasons why I have never been able to get the foot pads clean.

And, I wonder whether all the diet soda pop I drank in my 20s contributed to the tumor in my head and my thyroid issues.

But, since wearing the foot pads on my toes (I started wearing them back in 2003 / 2004) my migraines have stopped and my TMJ symptoms are gone. That is a HUGE blessing.

I don't wear them every night on my toes. I wear them about 2x per week.

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Rebecca :)