Saturday, October 31, 2015

Baltic Amber Necklace For Teething Relief and More!

I LOVE Baltic amber. It has a lot of great healing properties. I found a great company that offers not only a gazillion types of baltic amber necklaces and bracelets and anklets, for adults, children and babies, they also offer hazelwood, which is one of my newest favorite things. 

Hazelwood is known to help with decreasing the body's acidity, and working especially well with those who have acid reflux, heartburn, or GERD. It also works for babies who have GERD as well!

Baltic amber is most known for its remarkable effects on soothing teething babies. My 10 week old nephew is already breaking his first tooth, poor kiddo, and so I sent one to my sister to use. While some folks worry about putting a necklace on an infant, I have friends whose kids have worn them constantly since they were born, and I have another sister whose daughter has worn hers for over 2 years now (she is 2 1/2). I think if there is any worry, then use them on the feet as anklets, or on the wrists as bracelets, like my sister is doing (as you can see in the picture above of my chubby 10 week old nephew). 

I am in quite a few mommy groups that are holistic. I don't have any children myself, unfortunately, but I am included in these groups because of my passion for natural and holistic solutions for things in life. And I learn a lot about all the wonderful things discussed in natural motherhood, one of them being baltic amber and how necessary it is for these poor babies as they are teething or fussy.

There are so many styles and lengths to choose from. Baltic amber is also good for adults. White the baby necklace is approximately 12.5 inches, the adult necklace can be 18" or 20". The results that can be seen for adults include helping with physical pain like back or neck pain, sciatica, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines and headaches, inflammation and more. 

They are completely safe during pregnancy. 

You put the necklace against your baby's skin, as a necklace or bracelet or anklet, and as the necklace warms naturally, it will release succinate acid that provides an anti-inflammatory effect for teething pain, red cheeks, drooling, fussiness, colds, molars, growing pains and more!


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