Monday, October 26, 2015

Child Size Gardening Tool Set

This is a little (itty bitty) garden tool set that includes a shovel, a spade and a rake. They are made out of metal so they are going to be able to withstand more "hard labor" (haha).

It comes with a small watering can and a tote to carry them all in. The most interesting thing? The included chart on how to identify BUGS!! It lists the top 10 beneficial bugs for your garden and even explains their purpose. I really like that because I am all for bugs as long as they are beneficial and outside!

Since I am an avid gardener and I have two little nieces (2 and 4 years old) that would LOVE to help me, this is perfect. I think by the time they are 6+ years old this set would be too young for them. It seems to be for younger children, probably up to kindergarten age, maybe 2nd grade at the highest age level.

We do a lot of gardening, including potted gardening, mostly vegetables and perennials. We don't do many annual flowers, although I could see those as being very easy for a youngster to help plant with these tools, in the Spring.

Since these are real tools (in a smaller size) another good, fun option would be to have a section of the garden that is just for them, they can choose what to plant, and can take care of it, so when you weed the rest of the garden, they can weed their portion. We used to do this as children, we each got a section to plant what we wanted, and we had to learn how to take care of it.

This is a great learning opportunity for them, it gives children a chance to be in the dirt, learn about plants, and appreciate the feel of dirt in their hands.

Buy it here for only $19.99!

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