Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Post Natal Belly Band Wrap

Want to know the BEST baby shower gift? It may not be as cute as pink lacy dresses and baby booties and diaper cakes, but it will be the favorite gift for the mama to be. It is a belly band! This belly band is for tender post natal care, to promote faster healing and recovery after child birth.

It has a triple-compression technology that incudes two extra belts to let you choose where to apply the right pressure on the pelvic and tummy area.

The belly band construction is made up of 20% bamboo charcoal fiber that is woven into this hypallergenic fabric that absorbs moisture 3 to 4 times faster than other fabrics. The reason this is important is that it prevents bacterial growth in the material, and prevents odor from accumulating.

You can use it straight after birth to help the uterus and pelvis with recovery. Then, you can use it to tighten the abdominal areas as well as provide you with back support.

It is safe for both natural birth and c-section delivery.

It offers triple compression with 3-step fastening that feels secure and comfortably tight. The two extra compression belts are used to reinforce key recovery areas.

You can wear it all day, even at night, during sleep. It will bend, twist and move with your body and won't ride up. A very comfortable wear.

The fibers form a rigid but flexible material. It is machine washable, too!

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