Saturday, October 31, 2015

Kids Keyboard Mat - Make Music and Dance!

This kids' jumbo sized keyboard mat works well and has 8 different instrument sounds to choose from. It has almost 2 full octaves, low F to high E and multiple notes (at least four) can be played at a time (for a chord if you can do it). 

You can record yourself playing and play it back. Although, it's lost once you turn it off. There is no memory storage in it. But it is fun to play with for the kids! And they can get some of that wild and crazy energy out of them as they jump from key to key, playing notes.

Be aware that this is a toy and even though you can adjust the volume you can't tune it. The "A" sounds like a G# so the pitches are all off by half step. All in all, the kids enjoyed playing with it!

More about the jumbo keyboard:

  • It is almost 6 feet across and has 8 different built-in instruments that include guitar, saxophone, violin and more.
  • You can build a song, or just step to tap the keys and improvise music.
  • It has a volume adjustment and includes an automatic "power off" system
  • Multiple kids and adults can use it at the same time
  • Made out of heavy duty vinyl so it can withstand and endure a lot of use
  • Makes a great gift
  • Requires 4 AA batteries


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