Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ethereal Wellness Essential Oil Basics Kit - less than $25

I love essential oils. And I really was impressed with this essential oil kit that was less than $25 for some amazing therapeutic grade essential oils! 6 bottles for less than $25! 

This is a great opportunity to start with essential oils if you haven't before. You get 6 of the most popular essential oils (and the most used!) in this kit, plus 6 diffuser reeds!

These oils are 100% pure and include the following:

Tea Tree

They come in 10 ml bottles instead of the smaller 5 ml bottles that you see a lot of places, so you get more oil. My favorite blend is lavender and lemongrass. I am not a huge fan of lavender by itself but the combination is awesome. I make my own face cream and body butter and those two oils are so good for your skin (add some tea tree if you have problems with acne). 

If you are having yeast infections, using some coconut oil and tea tree oil mixed together and rubbed on topically should help you. 

If you are getting over a cold, then using coconut oil and eucalyptus rubbed onto your chest is a good things. However please avoid eucalyptus around babies!

I make my own toothpaste with bentonite clay and sea salt and stevia.... I flavor it with peppermint essential oil.

And if you need a pick me up, any citrus oil will work, but orange is especially good at energizing you and making you feel uplifted. Sometimes all it takes is just to open the lid and sniff!

This kit makes an AWESOME gift for Christmas or whenever!

100% Pure Essential Oils – the name on each bottle is the name of the one and only essential oil each bottle contains.
Certified by the IFRA – International Fragrance Association
Certified by the GMPC – Good Manufacturing Practice of Cosmetic

Our Mission
At Ethereal Wellness our mission is to promote a wholesome yet luxurious experience for you using natural products. Our oils aim to provide you with a divine, aromatic sensory experience!
We love our customers and provide nothing less than premium quality products for the best prices.

Guaranteed 2 year shelf life!


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