Tuesday, November 3, 2015

13 Piece Stainless Steel Professional Bar Set

My husband is the life of the party, and he really loves to make mixed drinks for everyone. He is your typical friendly "bartender" and loves to impress people. From martinis to margaritas, he is always in the kitchen mixing things up.

So this professional bartender tool set made him happy! It comes with a ton of really cool tools and it is very high quality. He really likes it.

This set includes tools to make martinis, margaritas or daquiris. It has everything in one handy kit.

It includes the following:

  • 15 oz cocktail shaker
  • 30 oz cocktail shaker
  • cocktail jigger (1/4x3/4)
  • speed beer opener
  • waiter corkscrew with knife
  • 4 prong julep strainer
  • 11 inch red knob bar spoon
  • 6 black liquor bottle pourers

This bar set is the simple way to stock your bar with all of the essential tools for creating impressive cocktails and mixed drinks at your parties! It is dishwasher safe. Now, go buy it and invite me to your parties! (I don't drink but I make sure my husband makes it home safe, as he is the drinker in the family!)


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