Thursday, June 25, 2015

Warm Lemon Water in the Morning

Every morning I have a ritual. It includes drinking a small glass (4 oz about) of salt water sole' (I put two teaspoons of the sole' into a glass and put some water into it, and drink, this is for my adrenal health). (read this article from Wellness Mama on the benefits of sole')

Then, I happily make my lemon water. I always look forward to this because it is so delicious and makes me feel good. Besides the taste, there are so many health benefits.

To make it easier, I buy 5 lbs of organic lemons at a single time.

Then I juice them all and put the juice into these ice cube trays.They are super easy to pop the cubes out after they are frozen. I fill them all up with the lemon juice from 5 lbs of lemons.

Once frozen, I put the lemon ice cubes into a freezer bag.

Each morning I grab a "lemon cube", add a teeny bit of stevia, and a shake of organic cayenne pepper, then use my purified hot water tap to fill my mug about half way. The water is hot and quickly melts the lemon cube. I swish it around and then add a teeny bit of cold water so that my lemon water is warm. Not lukewarm, but not hot. In between.

This is my drink of choice to sip for the first 30 minutes of work. (I work from home so I have an easy commute! But I have set hours {6:30am to 3:30pm} so I am in my office, working, not playing around!).

Then around 9am, I make my bulletproof raw cacao, and by 10am I have a protein shake with moringa powder.

The benefits of drinking lemon water first thing in the morning include:

1. helps your digestion and liver
2. helps keep you regular
3. gives you a morning energy boost!
4. it may increase your metabolism
5. contains some vitamin C
6. may help prevent UTIs

And I add a little bit of cayenne for that extra boost for my metabolism.

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