Saturday, June 27, 2015

This Hori Hori Knife - Cross Between Knife and Gardening Trowel

When I received this hori hori "knife" and took it out of the package, my husband thought it was a gift for him! It was sheathed and as I took it out, from across the room he said "that is cool!" but then I turned it over and showed him that it was a trowel for the garden.

Nonetheless, it looks pretty "wicked" (in slang terms!) It is very sturdy and is long (7.5" blade). It isn't small, for sure. It is made of stainless steel with a mirror polish finish. It won't rust! It has a straight knife edge, and a serrated edge. It can get through roots if needed!

I have plans for this -- I LOVE gardening and love the feel of the soil beneath my hands. This would be great for splitting daylilies, hostas and other perennials that need to be split every couple years.

This also will be good to help with planting bulbs in the fall. It has a depth scale (ruler) marked on one side so you don't have to guess to know how deep you are digging your hole.

I like how sturdy and tough it feels in my hands. It isn't heavy and it has a nice textured handle to keep a firm grip on without slipping. You can even use it with gloves.

As well as gardening, this "knife" is great to take with you when camping, hunting, or fishing. 

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