Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rawhide Bones For My Dog

I love giving my dog treats, and when an opportunity arises to review products for him, he is a willing participant. So we requested to try something fun for him.

In this case, we received 20 medium rawhide bones. They are probably better for a small dog. Aegis is around 90 lbs and when he carries one in his mouth it barely sticks out on each side.

Nonetheless, he acts like a crazy pupping jumping all around and attacking the rawhide. Then he rolls on it. And tosses it up in the air, and then shakes his head too and fro (ferociously) and finally settles in to chew it up.

My plan is to give him one of these occasionally, not every day. I do not know where they were made (I asked the company but they didn't respond) and when I asked what the ingredients were, they told me that they were made with the highest quality materials available. I have no clue what that means. If I lived in a cave, I wouldn't have many materials available to me so maybe I would use a leaf as toilet paper. That made me suspicious.

They say it is all natural rawhide. Ok, that is fine with me, but what are the ingredients? (They finally got back to me and said it is rawhide. That is it. No other ingredients. I am a dunce because I don't know what rawhide is... from beef? pork? I honestly don't know!!)

They also said it was the best taste ever. Ok. Compared to what? Everything in the world? My dog really likes a good t-bone steak and I am guessing he would choose that over this rawhide.

They said there were no artificial colors or flavors.

But I still don't know where they were made or what the ingredients are. Except that they are rawhide.

And I am ok with things that aren't perfect, but I do appreciate transparency. So, I am going to use these as if they are an occasional treat for my dog. Not every day. Maybe once or twice a week.

He sure does like them!

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