Monday, June 22, 2015

Paracord Bracelet and "Grenade" Review

All my friends know I am big on emergency preparedness. I grew up in California and learned earthquake drills before kindergarten. I survived the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 and have since tried to follow FEMA's recommendations for a 72-hour kit. This includes the bare necessities in an easy to grab bag, in case you have to evacuate or leave your house on a moment's notice -- due to a natural disaster: earthquake, fire, tornado, hurricane, flooding, etc.

Think Hurricane Katrina. Remember all the issues that people had when they evacuated to the Superdome? Things would have been so much better if everyone brought a 72 hour kit.

Anyway, I recently got this Paracord Grenade and Paracord Bracelet. It is so neat! It is a 2-piece set for only $14.99 and includes a ton of things you wouldn't believe unless I told you! Super easy to just clip on to your 72 hour kit, and wear the bracelet on your wrist.

Can you imagine that these little items can ensure that you and your family have the necessary tools to survive, find help, catch fish, or build shelter. They are equipped with everything to assist you during an unexpected night in the wilderness. Never go camping or hiking without one again!

Here's all the things included in this 2-piece set:

And here is a infographic that shows you how it is all fit together as a survival kit.

Isn't it cool? I am glad I have this product and will definitely carry it with me in my 72 hour kit.

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