Monday, January 19, 2015

Rimini 1500 Watt Blow Dryer Gets Your Hair Dry Quickly With Less Frizz

This 1500 watt blow dryer from Rimini by Xtava was a godsend for me. I just got rid of the blow dryer that served me well for about 15 years -- donated it to a local orphanage as I was getting rid of things in Panama before my move back to the states.

And I received this one just as I arrived here in Colorado -- where every time I showered I needed my hair to dry fast, because I was COLD! And my hair had a lot of static. It is much drier here in Colorado with this 30-40% humidity, than the 90% humidity that I lived in for the past 18 months!

The features of this blow dryer include:

  • Powerful 1500 watt motor. It seems to dry a lot faster than my old blow dryer
  • The ionic technology (tourmaline) reduces frizz which is a HUGE plus for me
  • There are diffuser nozzles for custom styling and drying
  • There are 3 heat levels and two power levels, plus a cool button to use
  • It is easy to handle, easy to hold in your hand while you are drying your hair, very comfortable and doesn't tire out your arms quickly.

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