Sunday, January 18, 2015

Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplement for complete GI and Gut Health

I recently received an interesting supplement for my gut health. Normally you think "probiotics" for your gut health, but this supplement contains "prebiotics" as well. 

 The prebiotics are in the form of short-chain fructo oligosaccharides (FOS). What is that, you ask? They are starches that the human body cannot fully digest. When a person consumes FOS, the undigested portions provide nourishment for good bacteria in the digestive tract.

So taking a prebiotic along with your probiotic, you are able to feed and nourish your good bacteria, allowing it to thrive and do its job.

The probiotic contained in this supplement is lactobacillus reuteri, 3.5 billion CFU. 

The packaging is unique -- maybe a bit overkill, but super useful in helping you remember when you took your last capsules. I don't know if there is a reason why each pill is separate. If there is, then that would be nice to know. Otherwise, putting them in two separate pill bottles might be easier and less mess to sort through.
Here is the packaging for 1 week supply - you get 4 of these!

The benefits for this complete GI Health Supplement include:

  • support for gastrointestinal and immune health (most of your immune system lays in your gut)
  • maintain balance of healthy bacteria
  • support for normal inflammatory response
  • support for healthy bile metabolism
  • symbiotic formulation of both pre- and pro-biotics

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