Friday, January 30, 2015

Coconut Oil from NutriGold

Coconut oil is a superfood. There are so many amazingly healthy properties. Even though it is full of saturated fat and has gotten a bad rap in the past, it is a HEALTH FOOD. Nothing bad about it. The lauric acid in the coconut oil helps support the immune system, and the saturated fat does NOT raise cholesterol levels. Coconut oil may also be able to help you lose weight as well!
NutriGold is an amazing company. I LOVE their supplements and actually take their NutriGold Women's formula since it is derived from whole foods and does not contain any synthetic vitamins. They follow GMP and are manufactured in the US. They are based out of Orem, UT and their customer services is fabulous.

The coconut oil is made from freshly harvested coconuts to preserve the natural levels of lauric acid and vitamin E. It is cold pressed to extract the oil. The process is clean, and does NOT involve the use of sulfites or other processing aids, so their coconut oil is pure, wholesome and nutritious.

What do I use coconut oil for?
  • Oil pulling. In the mornings I will oil pull with a half tablespoon of coconut oil and two drops of a Thieves-type essential oil blend.
  • Cook. I do a LOT of cooking with this. I use it for eggs, I use it to sautee' vegetables, for recipes that call for cooking oil.
  • I use it for making lotions and creams. 
  • I feed it to my dog and cat
  • It is a great personal lubricant.

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