Sunday, January 11, 2015

High End Makeup Brushes for a Beautiful Look

Those who know me know that I am not high fashion in any way. I spend about 10 minutes getting ready in the morning, and can't imagine how people take longer than that.

Well, I have an amazingly beautiful sister who spent a lot of her 20's modeling in California, and even hosted a local talk show in San Francisco. She knows fashion and has amazing sense of style. And, she spends hours getting ready!

So, she was the perfect person to teach me how to use these fantastic makeup brushes by Bella & Bear. They are high quality and have every brush you could imagine. They come in a nice kit, that zips up to protect them from dust, being smashed, etc.
Since my sister was visiting for a few days, we figured it was the perfect time for her to teach her older sister (me) how to use these brushes! I told her to make me over, and do a dramatic look to my eyes.

I just moved to Colorado from Panama (Central America) 6 days ago so I went from super humid weather to super dry weather and my skin is protesting. So, in these pictures my skin doesn't look as good as it normally does. But I couldn't wait for the adjustment period to be over, as my sister would have been gone.

I really hate the before picture because you can't see my eyelashes they are so blond. But nonetheless, mascara is the most important piece of makeup for me! Now you know why, hah!

So, here are some various pictures of the process:


And so, the metamorphosis has begun. She taught me the uses for the brushes -- which ones are for the different types of eye shadows, and which ones are for powder, bronzer, blush, and even eye liner. Since I didn't want to go TOO dramatic, we just stuck with neutral colors for my eyes.

But this morning for church I tried to do a repeat, except I used some color and I didn't use eyeliner on the bottom lid. I did my eyeshadow with the brushes and it turned out nice.

I want to note that I have used 100% organic or all natural makeup for this process. I am big on not putting chemicals in my body, nor on my skin. This was not any different. The mineral shadows were from Bella Terra and the liner was from Honeybee Gardens. The blush, powder and mascara was from Physician's Formula Organics. The lip liner was also from Honeybee Gardens and the lip gloss was from Burt's Bees.

The brush kit would make an AMAZING gift for just about any teenager or woman!

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