Saturday, September 8, 2012

Top Ten Reasons to Eat Dirt (Diatomaceous Earth)

I eat dirt. And I enjoy it. And it tastes good! A lot of people whose blogs or articles I have read about the many beneficial properties of clays (dirt) start out that way: "I eat dirt". So I don't want to be different. All of them have such important things to say, and there are so many great reasons to eat this stuff! Besides, I am not much of a writer so I love copying other people's good ideas!

The types of "dirt" that can always be found in my home include diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay and French green clay.

A little background... I have been using diatomaceous earth for years now, mostly around my home and garden, and twice a year I feed it to my dogs and myself as a parasite cleanse. But I have only been using French Green Clay and Bentonite Clay externally, for maybe 7 years. I didn't start using it internally until recently. I prefer the taste of French Green Clay, personally. Bentonite clay can be sort of gel like, and textures really get to me.

Here are my Top Ten Reasons to Eat Dirt:
1. French Green Clay has been shown to reduce radiation poisoning symptoms. It was used after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and again it is being used now by the Japanese with their current nuclear issues. (this should be taken internally with water).

2. Clay neutralizes poisoning, food poisoning, and even arsenic poisoning! (take 1 tsp with a 8oz cup of water every hour for 6 hours). You should be fully recovered the next day (how amazing is that?)

3. Clay cleans out your whole digestive tract, adsorbing and neutralizing toxins, chemicals, and keeps you regular.

4. Clay can win the battle against bacteria, even drug resistant bacteria such as MRSA and staph.

5. Clay provides many nutrients and is loaded with minerals. Once your body gets these much needed minerals, you have so much energy and the fatigue of daily life is gone.

6. Clay's most common use here in the U.S. is for beauty products -- a clay mask (super easy to do at home, no need to go to a salon or spa), clay bath, or even a body wrap to smooth those cellulite pockets! It firms the skin, makes your face feel so smooth and wrinkle free. I use it on my face once a week. I would recommend no more than 2x per week.

7. Clay can be used to pull out toxins in your body, just soak your feet or your whole body in the bath with a half cup of clay, for an amazing detox. One lady would do a foot bath every day and she poured the water out into her plants, and it killed them because of the toxins that were in the water after use. Pouring regular clay water, un-used, on plants won't kill them at all, in fact it provides good nutrients for the plant.

8. Clay poultices can be made easily and used for wounds, burns and rashes, including psoriasis and eczema. (the links below will give you more information on how to do all these things).

9. Clay can be fed to your animals to keep them in tip top shape and good health. I have only fed my dogs diatomaceous earth but am thinking about putting clay in their water to see how they respond to it.

10. EXTREMELY good for the treatment of acid reflux. People say they get immediate results that last for more than 12 hours!

How do you take it internally? First, take it on an empty stomach, and the first three days, take only 1/3 teaspoon, the second three days, 2/3 teaspoon, and then go up to 1 tsp a day.  I think that should be all you need to stay in top health, unless you have a chronic illness you are trying to overcome, then you may want to take two doses a day.

Read more information below in my resources links, to see all the health benefits you can get out of clay.

And, it is SO cheap!! For under $10 you can have more than a 3-month supply! (depending on how you use it, if you just drink it every day and use it as a face mask once a week).

It works very well with my detox foot pads, to complement the removal of toxins from your body. And I really swear by it, that along with my other natural beauty regiments, this French green clay is so amazing on your face. Don't bother with expensive face creams and masks and spa treatments. I think Mountain Rose Herbs (link below) sells a 1lb bag of it for only $8?  That could last you well over a year if you use a mask twice a week. You can't even get something like that at the drug store that cheap, and that REALLY works. I am nearing 40 years old, and I honestly say that my skin looks like I am in my 20s.

Now go out and eat DIRT!

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