Thursday, September 20, 2012

Heavy metals in our body from regular food we eat!

Just this morning I woke up to two articles about food we eat and heavy metals in those foods.

The first one talked about tuna and mercury. We are all aware of commercial tuna having tons of mercury in it, so reduce the amount we eat (I eat a tuna salad sandwich maybe once every month or two). And in this article it cites a study that says tuna harms brain development in children.

So, let's stop eating tuna so often, and not give it to our children, especially when they are young and their brains are still developing.

But... here is another article that talks about how there is ARSENIC in rice! The FDA calls it "worrisome". And we know that if the FDA says something like that, we really SHOULD be worried! The paragraph that struck me the most was that when Consumer Reports tested all the major brands of rice sold in the U.S.,

 {Many contained what the magazine calls "worrisome levels of arsenic"— some products had up to five times higher levels than the arsenic found in oatmeal and one and a half times more than EPA's legal standard for drinking water.}

So, let's get this straight. Oatmeal has arsenic in it. Tap water has arsenic in it. But the EPA says that the amount allowed in tap water is safe... however, if you drink tap water, eat your oatmeal for breakfast, and then have stir fry with some rice for lunch, (oh, and tuna for dinner, ha!) you are getting a toxic dose of heavy metals, and here you are, thinking you are eating a completely healthy, balanced diet! All of these doses of arsenic compound inside your body to expose you to unsafe levels.

Which is why it is SO important to detox your body. I know that is a refrain that I say over and over, like a mantra, but it is the truth. Heavy metal poisoning is not fun. It can kill you in a long, devastating and painful way.

My detox foot pads have been proven to pull out these horrible heavy metals. So I recommend you try them out on your kids and yourself. Be proactive with your health, not reactive.

And as always, I offer FREE priority mail shipping to the U.S. and military bases throughout the world. I am a one-person shop, I blog, tweet, post on my Facebook Page, even have a Pinterest page that I created to organize healthy living advice on. I ship out all my orders personally, and communicate with my customers personally as well. My product DOES work, and I offer a money back guarantee as well. Personal service like this is hard to come by these days. I also am truly grateful for all my customers who give me a chance.

May you be blessed with great health!

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