Friday, September 21, 2012

Pain Relief with Gua Sha

Today I had made an appointment with a lady who does gua sha in Logan, UT. I used to get it done a lot when I lived in Minneapolis, at Winer Acupuncture. But now that I live in Utah it was hard to find someone. Thankfully, I did find someone and saw her today. When you look at the picture below, please note that THIS DID NOT HURT AT ALL, and it brought me immense pain relief. I suffer from back issues due to car accidents when I was younger. And while I take care of my body, I really can't do anything to make my back stop hurting. I rarely take pain killers, because of all the long term ramifications and side effects. So mostly I live with pain. I get chiropractic treatment and also I have done acupuncture, rolfing, and gua sha. 

The more redness that appears, it is safe to say, the more pain that the person is in. All of the practitioners who have done gua sha on me have told me how dark and red I end up being. I can't guarantee that I am in more "pain" than another, but I constantly am in pain and really enjoy the feeling of relief that this brings me.

The redness will be gone within 2-3 days. It is NOT a bruise or scrape or injury in any way. Here is more information:

"Gua sha therapy (Scraping therapy) is an ancient Chinese traditional natural therapy and is based on the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), By scraping the skin of the relevant parts of the human body with the tools of horns , jade or other material, We can get the purpose of promoting blood circulation and dredging meridians.

With the skin being scraped by a gua sha tool, The skin will be raised small red petechiae which called 'sha' in chinese ,and the "sha"will fade within 2 or 3 days. By Raising sha, the capillaries will be highly dilated and it will enhance the sweat secretion and circulation of the body blood.It will helps to remove blood stagnation which considered pathogenic and promote body metabolic processes. 

Gua sha has immediate effect for Hypertension, stiffness, heat stroke, fever, cough, chill, nausea,and muscle pain caused by cold syndrome. The patient will experience immediate relief from above symptom after gua sha tehrapy. By performing gua sha regulary, we also can coordinate the "qi" of the body, relieve fatigue and enhance immune function of the body." (

Here are some resources for you to read to find out more about gua sha if you are interested: