Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rain Barrels and Toxins

My best friend since childhood swung by my house this morning. She was borrowing my ozone generator (to ozonate water and olive oil). We got to talking about people we knew who were real sick. These people treated their bodies harshly -- the way they eat, the drugs they put into their body, etc. These friends of ours, we try to help them. We both had similar stories. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. We give advice to people, tell them the easiest way to regain their health again. But they don't do it. They are so addicted to their junk food, their diet beverages, their cigarettes and drugs, along with all the other unhealthy habits they had.

And, they wouldn't even admit that those are the things that got them sick in the first place. "I have had this lifestyle for so long now and only last year I started to feel sick, so there is no correlation". WRONG.

People so often have this misconception, they don't think that their lifestyle, their eating habits, etc. have anything to do with how sick they are; because of the many years where they felt ok, and still had the same habits.

I have a good analogy. Let's pretend that your body is a water barrel. You know those wooden barrels that range in height, you see them a lot at farm houses, or country homes. Well, let's pretend that the rain that is filling those barrels up are toxins. And when you look at those barrels, you can't see how much water is in them. Same with our bodies. As our bodies fill up with toxins, we don't know how filled it is, and only when it starts overflowing do we start to feel the symptoms of chronic illness. Everybody's "rain barrels" (their bodies) each have a different size and some can handle more toxins before becoming ill, others (like me) can't handle as much before I get sick.

So our objectives would be to keep the level of our water in our rain barrels as low as possible. How do we do that? First, we stop putting toxins into our body, at least as much as we can.  Second, we take the toxins out of our bodies. There are many ways to detox and my foot detox pads are only one way. There are liver flushes, supplements to take, saunas, clay baths, colon cleanses, master cleanses, even through diet. But it is crucial that it be done.

I agree, it is hard to change your lifestyle. It may cost money, it may not taste good. It may take too much time. But you are worth it. Your health is worth it. Trust me. Start small, but do it. Even if you only change one thing a week, or one thing a month. DO IT.

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