Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Detox foot pads are for healthy people, too!

Like me, others use Purify Your Body detox foot pads to maintain good health. Why wait until you are sick to detox your body! 
Here is a testimonial from one of my long term customers who really feels the difference in his life! "I am generally in good health: I'm physically fit, maintain a healthy weight, eat well, and exercise. I probably don't get enough sleep (and drink too much coffee), but overall I'm pretty healthy. Several months ago I was having some skin issues and had not been feeling quite myself. I also was noticing some soreness on the bottom of my feet. With some skepticism, I decided to try the detox foot pads. I started with three pads on each foot, and then switched to one pad per foot. Within just a few days I started noticing improvements with my skin, my overall energy level, and the soreness in my feet improved. After about a week, my skin cleared up and my feet felt normal again! I still use the detox foot pads three to five nights a week as maintenance, and I feel great! This detox system really works for me!" BB - Kansas On another note, I just created a Pinterest account for Purify Your Body, a place to pin some good health articles and tips, and a place for me to establish an array of alternative medicine resources. Feel free to follow my pins! I am a bit new to this so there will be a learning curve for me!
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